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Telegenisys was formed in 1994 with the purpose of providing technology services and support delivering superior results with value, precision and reliability. No matter what the business process, Telegenisys is geared and ISO certified to identify client relevant performance elements including security and productivity to develop an outsourcing model which works durably. Using established Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) methodologies in combination with customized offshore outsourcing solutions, we are able to provide improved process integration and optimal performance to our clients.

Telegenisys Inc. is one of the leading providers of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, offering a wide range of back office, customer care & support and telemarketing outsourcing solutions to clients worldwide. Aided by world-class infrastructure, business competencies, domain knowledge & expertise and a dedicated group of highly skilled and trained professionals, we are able to provide the best quality outsourcing services to clients. Our core competencies include services such as customer care & support, B2C & B2B telemarketing, data entry & data conversion, web promotion, content development, accounting and financial services, tax consultancy, medical records retrieval, market research, database creations, document scanning and sorting, infomercial sales services, and insurance claims.

Telegenisys is not just a Business Process Outsourcing provider but also a reliable partner who promises to make valuable difference to its clients' business. Enhancing our partners' competitive advantage and profitability is our aim. We offer our partners a medley of cost effective, flexible and viable solutions. At no point of time our clients are under the impression that they are outsourcing to us. In fact, the image we portray is that of an extended enterprise. Co- sourcing and not outsourcing is our motto. With an in-depth knowledge of international markets and possession of a strong, on the ground presence in India, we promise you significant cost savings, and improvement and maintenance of the quality of service delivery. Combining extensive capabilities in technology with extensive domain expertise, we deliver seamless solutions that bring tangible business value to organizations around the world.

Whether its American medical records guided by HIPAA privacy rules or high resolution satellite imagery, we go through extraordinary lengths to ensure client data is secure and private.

Our GIS division can geocode, outline geo features of do photo data reduction accurately and rapidly. Our systems group can support virtually any kind of technology while our customer support executives are ready to provide your customers with real care.

We handle a wide variety of back end functions including tracing customer contact information, setting up claims or data for cases requiring insurance company attention, and virtually any kind of data conversion or management..

With our outsourcing services, you can easily create and sustain a better brand image for your products and services. Customer satisfaction is the key to the successful creation and sustenance of a popular brand name and we understand that very well. Committing to long-term business relations will not be a problem since we have designed our delivery systems to be scalable and highly flexible. We never let our eyes off the targeted goals and objectives, something that allows us to achieve and deliver the desired results through our business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

Business Process Outsourcing Benefits

Boosts efficiency: The need for outsourcing is felt because in every business organization, big and small, there are certain processes that are both necessary and yet contribute little to the actual productivity. Most of these processes are highly time-consuming and since they often require special skills and expertise, businesses find it difficult to manage those processes without losing their concentration on the core processes. Business process outsourcing helps because it's like getting it done by the experts. It not only boosts efficiency, but also enables significant time savings.

Reduces Costs: Business process outsourcing automatically results in significant cost savings. Business that choose outsourcing do not have to spend top dollars in recruiting and managing human resources, something that enables instant cost savings.

Skilled BPO Professionals are the key: The success of outsourcing may depend on varied factors, but eventually it's the skills and experience of BPO professionals that makes all the difference. When you choose a business process outsourcing service provider, it will become easier for you to ensure that the processes are carried out in the most professional manner, saving you both time and money. So, if you want to promote your business interests, contact a business process outsourcing service provider right away.

If you have a need, we can deliver a well-structured system solution to deliver consistent results for your process.

Outsourcing Overview - Data and Voice

Telegenisys India Pvt. Ltd., specializes in providing Business Process Outsourcing solutions for medium sized companies worldwide. Telegenisys is not just a BPO provider, but also a reliable partner who promises to make valuable difference to its clients’ business.


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