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About Us

Formed in 1994, Telegenisys Inc.(t.m.) is a Delaware Company which operates in California under the business name of Mega Interactive.

Offshore Outsourcing and Back Office services
Back Office and Offshore Outsourcing

For over two decades Telegenisys has been the reliable partner companies trust with their Offshore Outsourcing and Back Office services. Enhancing our partners’ competitive advantage and profitability is our aim. We work with our partners to find the most cost effective, flexible and viable solution, not just with our own strengths, but with both companies’ combined resources. With our in-depth knowledge of international markets and possession of a strong, on the ground presence in India, our back office services promise you significant cost savings, and improvement and maintenance of the quality of service delivery. Combining extensive capabilities in technology with extensive domain expertise, we deliver seamless offshore outsourcing solutions that bring tangible business value to organizations around the world.

Telegenisys started in a one room office in California, providing automated voice and web presentation of information from virtual green screen displays. When we found that purely automated systems didn’t fully satisfy the customers of our clients we added human agents on call and on chat. Now we operate on two continents offering world class back office services.

We realize that our clients own the processes and have highly trained employees and specialized systems with full command of their field. Our clients are looking for Offshore Outsourcing and what we offer is a smart mix of technology and mid-skilled manpower to take the routine tasks so that the client’s domain experts have the time to do the extraordinary. When their life insurance adjusters review a case all the records are in exactly the order they expect with all errors resolved. When their architects plan a new sports stadium all the streets they need to connect to will already have been mapped out as a digital lane model, with actual traffic for the time and season already entered. When their sales team places a call it’s to exactly the right person, with exactly the information they need to make their pitch. In each case the time wasters, the missteps, the confusion has all been swept away, giving them a clear path with no dead ends, or delays. The result is that we don’t replace what our clients do, we supercharge their efforts.


HIPAA compliant case management

Telegenisys’ offshore outsourcing services have supported the American Insurance sector for nearly a deacde with HIPAA compliant case management, back office, data entry and medical record collection assistance.

traffic analysis

Telegenisys supports the transportation industry with photographic analysis and data enhancement. We perform traffic analysis on thousands of photographs daily and are helping build a lane accurate map of the entire USA network.

Customer Support

Telegenisys has been providing customer and technical support since day one. We constantly refine the knowledge bases and procedures for each client so that our offshore outsourcing services constantly improve customer satisfaction.

Technical support

We train and mentor our agents to each process, then take their feedback to improve our back office services, processes and systems.

OUR Team

Mark Merani


CEO & President


CEO & President

Henry Cobb

Henry Cobb

VPO at Telegenisys

Henry Cobb

VPO at Telegenisys

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