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Back Office Services

Back Office Services

Back Office Services

Our motto incorporates the essence of moving from ‘Information’ to ‘Intelligence’. We provide back office services & support and process a high volume of transactions for our clients that includes:

Financial Statement Preparation

We provide assistance with the preparation of financial statements in the most efficient manner. We offer you the following range of financial services:

  • P & L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements.
  • Account reconciliation (periodic and quarterly).
  • Actual to budget comparisons
  • Trend analysis
  • Ad hoc client analysis

Quick Book Accounting

Telegenisys provides accounting services, book keeping, handles the entire inventory, invoicing, payroll and various accounts.

  • We make business accounting fast and easy.
  • We help you save precious time.
  • We organize all your financial information in one place.
  • We help you prepare reports for your business.

Accounting System Services ->

Telegenisys’ Back office services help your organization derive considerable business benefits:

1. Simplified and efficient data entry operations and enhanced ability to handle large volumes of transactions
2. Exceptional service standards and adherence to stringent regulatory guidelines inclusing ISO and HIPAA
3. Significantly better Turn around time, enabling you to meet client deadlines.
4. Our back office services result in satisfied clients.
5. Reduction in cost and processing time, with our well planned processes
6. High levels of data security


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