Medical Records Portal for Families with a History of Canavan Disease

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Thank you for your interest in this medical record retrieval service. Aspa Therapeutics is providing this free service by invitation to you. Please register here to obtain your child’s medical records at no cost to you.

What THis service

provides you

Parents and guardians who have been invited by Aspa Therapeutics to obtain their child’s medical records, can submit their request on this portal. Telegenisys has been contracted to provide ONLY YOU with your child’s medical records, free of charge. Our service will collect medical records from the physicians, labs and hospitals you have visited, and we will provide them to you. Once you have your child’s medical records safely downloaded, we will delete them from our system. Once you download your record, you will be given further instructions on how you can participate if you choose to in the Canavan Natural History Study, CAN-Inform. When you click the REGISTER link below, you will be asked to provide some personal information. Please note this does not commit you to signing up for the Canavan Natural History Study. You are only signing up to receive your child’s medical records.

The process of getting your medical records is simple as follows:


You provide us an authorization to collect your records.

We contact your medical providers.

We send your records to you electronically through this portal.

You review your records privately.

Should you wish to participate in the Canavan Natural History study, you can choose to do so.


We delete all of your records from our systems so only you have your child's full medical file.

knowing your privacy rights

HIPAA laws guide the transmission of any medical information.  By using this service you are assured that we are only collecting and organizing these medical records for your use.  Data we receive is deleted within 60 days of verified delivery to you.

Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

How long does Record Retrieval take?

Because we collect ALL of your child’s medical records before sending them to you in one organized package, the process of collecting records can take approximately 2 months. You will receive a login and will be able to check the status of each provider as we attempt to collect medical records for you. In some cases, hospital systems and labs can require special authorizations. If we encounter this, we will reach out to you to obtain these authorizations. You are in complete control of your medical records at all times. You can ask us to cancel and delete any data we have for you and your child at any time, and we guarantee that all private data will be deleted within 5 business days. If you need to reach us at Telegenisys at any time with questions, please call us toll free at (800)510-9053. We are here for you.

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