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Account based marketing: company or responsibilities?


Traditional account based marketing will shower a company’s entire executive team with a message tailored to their market segment. While there’s a good chance that somebody on the team might be receptive to the message, by including innocent bystanders in the indiscriminate broadcast the marketing message runs a higher risk of being filtered out. This might occur if too many people mark it as spam, or if the wrong person sees it and is then resistant to the message if it is brought up by the correct target.

This is why Telegenisys digs deeper. We don’t settle for “relevant to the company”, we look for “relevant to the contact’s responsibilities”. This way our clients control not just the industries or companies they make their pitch to, but the exact decision influencer who can fully understand and properly weigh the message.

So call today and don’t just request, demand precision targeted contact lists with the exact responsibilities to make decisions about their company’s choice for your product or service. It’s time that your sales team started to the people who can say yes.

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