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Business Process Outsourcing Industry Banking On Emerging Business Domains


Initially a small group, mainly comprising of medical transcription firms and call centers, the business process outsourcing industry has come a long way. Over the years, this dynamic industry has grown in both size and stature, something that is necessary for the long term success of any industry. Not surprising then to know that today conventional domains such as medical transcription and call center services contribute only a fraction to the outsourcing industry. Their individual contribution has certainly increased over the years, but since many new outsourcing domains have been added to the industry in recent times, their overall share has come down.

The list of emerging outsourcing domains is a long one, but if we were to identify the ones that currently hold the most potential for future growth, it would include dynamic sectors such as customer care & support, telemarketing, web promotion, content development, accounting and financial services, tax consultancy, medical records retrieval, market research, database maintenance, document scanning & sorting, infomercial sales services, and insurance claims. Having realized the immense potential of these emerging sectors, most players in the outsourcing industry are currently working hard to make the most of them. They are currently the most bankable and the business process outsourcing industry is well aware of that.

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