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Call Center Services Outsourcing Firms Gear Up To Fight Terror


The recent terror strike in Mumbai may have specifically targeted the hospitality industry, but even then  it is being seen as a wake up call for all other types of industries. Spreading terror and hurting the human spirit are often the primary objectives of sponsors of terrorism and it rarely matters to them specifically which industry or area they target in their ill-gotten quest to succeed in their nefarious designs. Based on all these facts, vulnerable industries such as the call center services outsourcing industry are not willing to let this pass as a one-off event and are instead upgrading security measures that will help fight terror.

For effectively tackling security risks, most call center services outsourcing firms have initiated a slew of measures that include both proactive and post-disaster management strategies. Proactive measures include everything from carrying out background checks of call center professionals to physical checking of bags, vehicles and other personal possessions of each and every individual that enters the business premises. Armed security personnel have also been hired by many call center services outsourcing firms keeping in view the fact that terrorists are often heavily armed and it will take more than baton-wielding guards to stop potential terrorists in their tracks.

Call center services outsourcing firms have also increased their focus on enhancing their post-disaster management preparedness since in spite of the heavy security, there is always that possibility that things may go wrong. Installation of emergency alarm systems and multiple backup systems; building safe getaways,  and imparting requisite training to employees are some of the measures initiated by call center services outsourcing firms in order to enhance their post-disaster management preparedness. Bearing all this in mind, it will not be wrong to assume that call center services outsourcing firms are all geared up to fight terror and that they will succeed and continue to provide outsourcing benefits to their clients, just as usual.

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