Containing health record costs in mass litigation

July 2, 2018

Gathering healthcare related evidence can run up considerable costs even before determining if there is a reasonable chance of making a valid claim. These costs arise in gathering the records, extracting the data and then analyzing it.
Max Kennerly, Esq. offers some tips to gather the records at no cost but even in electronic form it still takes a lot of effort to extract the data that is actually relevant to the matter at hand. This process generally starts with taking records from several sources to create a more actionable review of event chronology. Such chronologies can be time consuming and require some experience to analyse.
While there are many who provide such support to attorneys involved in this important work, Telegenisys Inc. has developed pre-processing technologies to speed up the process of creating chronologies more cost effectively and much faster.
In addition Telegenisys support its attorney clients by providing medical summaries, analysis, pain assessments among a broad variety of services that can help an attorney operate with confidence to file actions and communicate with parties to the action.
Our people are superbly skilled to extract exactly the information our clients need so that their subject matter experts start with the complete information in hand and don’t waste time searching for details that might not even be in the records. Let us show you how to start the game with all of the right cards in your own hand and avoid surprises along the way.

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