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Content rules! Content is king. How often have we read this? Whether you own a B2B site or a B2C site, the importance of relevant content cannot be undermined. Contrary to what you might believe, the fact is that advanced technology matters much less as compared to clear content and simple navigation to make your website a successful site.

For a long time, most organizations were focusing on Web technology and visual aspects, little aware of the fact that architecture and infrastructure can help only to make the pitch. It is the content of the site that converts the lead into a sale. The importance of relevant content was largely under-appreciated. Organizations did not want to invest in professional content writers. Most often, print publications were reproduced on websites as a substitute for site content. It was only as recently as 2003 that website content got the recognition that it deserved. Content management was recognized as the most effective marketing tool by smarter organizations.

What is content?

Website content includes titles, headings, subheadings and all the text-based information, photographs, stories, specifications, or other data that you want to publish on your website.

To quote Gerry McGovern, world-renowned content-management expert, ‘The architecture is the container of the website, but content… well, it’s the content in the container’.

SEO and Content Management

Internet has changed the dynamics of the relationship that existed between organizations and their clients. The Web has altered the way people read and consume information, as also the way we create and deliver the same.

You must remember that your website represents your business. A website that cannot be found amongst a sea of billions of websites is a worthless investment. In order to prosper in your on line endeavors it is important to be found by your prospective customers. Websites with relevant content ensure that they not only have increased traffic and more visitors, they also are successful in converting leads into revenue.

All it takes is to shift from a business-centric approach to a customer-centric approach.

Relevant web content and effective content management systems go a long way in converting a website visitor into a buyer.

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