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Customer Support


Customer Support

Telegenisys provides full cycle product support so that consumers make cost effective and correct use of products. Our services can include planning, purchase, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading and phasing out the product. We use automation that wraps around the caring attitude of our professionals.

We can help plan automated support to make our services more cost effective and can develop knowledge base materials that will reduce or prepare customers to achieve better satisfaction from their purchase.
Order input and creation and fulfillment

We automate and support order taking from a holistic point of view. Weather its speak or click we will help create and environment that moves customers along to a sale as expediently as possible. Our array of facilitative services including on page chat support and call me back actions help the customer get to a sale quickly and securely. Call us and we can help you setup or improve your current process.
RMA (Return Merchandise Authorizations) Help Desk

Simple applications are outsourced well. Telegenisys provides a variety of specialized help desks including RMA validation and entry, trouble ticket register and directing of customers to help departments.
Internet order completion support desk

Our order support web interface is page aware and knows what the customer is doing. This gives us specialized tools to help see the customer context live and help them complete their orders according to their specific needs.
Integrated IM/EMAIL/VOICE Support Desk

To optimize resources we often integrate support desks so that there is no slack time between processes and customer response time is optimized. If support procedures are unified / standardized this option works great for such products. Simple products have the highest chance of success in a multi use environment.

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