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Outsourcing Newsletter: December 2008
sharing news, trends, opinions and insights

Analyzing Help Desk Outsourcing Trends

After medical transcription, the second position would probably go to help desk outsourcing, if the task were to make a chronological list of business domains that were added from the time the concept of business process outsourcing was implemented successfully for the first time in India…

Data Processing – How To Do It Right

The data processing function may not contribute directly to the productivity of a business organization, but since it does play a vital, supportive role, it becomes necessary for businesses to ensure that it is managed in the prescribed manner…

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Looking Beyond The Conventional Benefits Of Outsourcing

Achieving and delivering conventional outsourcing advantages such as reduced operational costs may still be the primary objective of outsourcing firms. …

Merits Of Business Transformation Outsourcing Services

Business transformation outsourcing might be a recent addition to the list of available outsourcing services, but looking at it’s growing popularity among businesses worldwide, it’s likely that it will become hugely successful in the near future…

How To Choose The Right Outsourcing Provider ?

There is certainly no denying the potential benefits that can be derived through outsourcing, but it would help if the right outsourcing provider is selected…
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Predicting The Future Of Business Process Outsourcing

Recently, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been marketed as an effective solution, employable by all types of businesses and organizations…

Outsourcing Fundamentals – How To Get It Done

Outsourcing is usually a tough decision for businesses, because it is akin to the surgical removal of a non-functioning body part and replacing it with a working part received from a donor…
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Market Research Outsourcing (MRO) – The New Growth Driver
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»Troubled SMEs To Create More Outsourcing Demand – Says Telegenisys Inc. (13 April 2008)
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    Ad hoc in house and freelanced processes are putting business and consumer privacy and accounts at risk. We examine the current and ongoing threats and how to properly structure business processes to guard against these. Target was warned they were under attack and did nothing. Ashley Madison's own promises of…
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    Failing to fully meet the regulation can be the difference between success and failure for ruthlessly competitive financial sector. Regulatory compliance is being enforced more strictly than ever before as regulators seek to minimize risks to both customer and stakeholder funds and assets. This tougher regulatory environment has called for…
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