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How to find business customers in Silicon Valley


Creative destruction never takes a day off in the Information Technology sector. Companies are constantly being created, merged, and reorganized. A northern California phone-book isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, so they are not printed anymore. The products provided by list vendors are little better. Sales people could call all day and find that the listed contact doesn’t work there any more, or has moved to another section, or that despite the job title, isn’t in charge of buying such things. At Telegenisys Inc. we know this all too well, because that’s our neighborhood. That’s why we offer Contact Discovery services to provide the sales leads you really need.

Business to business (B2B) mail lists or email lists are available from many sources. They are cheap and if you are doing mass marketing, perhaps effective. Expecting a 20% rejection rate in a mass marketing campaign may not be a big deal. However when marketing and sales are tightly integrated and data accuracy means less wasted time and more sales, then 100% telephone verification and related results and guarantees become valuable.

While this process of getting to contact with laser precision and based on relevant roles can make the difference between success and failure of a marketing campaign, its by no means necessary to outsource it. In fact many companies prefer to in-source this work to their marketing staff, but this may not be the most cost effective use of their time. So call us for a quote today to match your specific needs and then weigh the extra time your sales people spend talking to exactly the right people against our streamlined costs.

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