Medical Record Summaries for Legal Firms

medical summaries

Telegenisys medical record summaries arm your law firm with exactly the right details to negotiate a settlement, examine a witness based on recorded facts, or go to trial. Hyperlinked summaries help you avoid any pitfalls or surprises buried in the records. As a busy attorney, it can become cumbersome to handle multiple medical malpractice or personal injury cases involving hundreds of factors at one time. With so many complexities in these cases and attorneys occupied handling all aspects of the case, its far more effective for them to have hyperlinked medical summaries to rapidly react to issues. We can help to create these summaries rapidly and comprehensively. Its not difficult to get out from under a mountain of paperwork when you have medical files organized and hyperlinked.
Simply specify how you’d like the summary customized, and Telegenisys provides you with an at-a-glance medical summary and timeline that allows the story to be told in one concise document.

Telegenisys summaries include a review of every page of medical records and identification of:

  • Pre- and Post-existing Conditions and Accidents
  • All healthcare providers reports summarized
  • Complaints and Diagnoses timelines
  • Medications timeline
  • Employment as provided
  • Billing Subtotals and Grand Totals for each intervention
  • Consistency of Claimant’s Statements as noted in records

To provide a comprehensive medical summary Telegenisys sifts through complex medical records identifying, organizing and cleaning up the documents first into a medical intervention timeline. Data is then classified based on report type (types of physician notes, labs, radiology, prognosis and treatment plans). Once classified a summary is prepared both chronologically and by condition. If the summary is being created as a result of an incident, pre-incident and post-incident reports are indicated on the timeline.

All timelines are hyperlinked first to the medical summary and then to the actual medical record. All elements are presented in ONE PDF file so that attorney’s do not need to search for paperwork while discussing case strategy, preparing briefs, taking depositions, filing actions etc. A unified view of medical reports provides faster and improved attorney action.

Outsourcing can streamline the process and make it much more efficient.

When attorney’s can focus on strategy and actual case actions with well prepared materials they become more efficient and can process more volume of work. It can be very time consuming to sort though medical records. Our summaries improve the process by:

Preparation & Groundwork:

  • Assesment : Case overview / extent of injury
  • Exhibits: Preparing and notating exhibits
  • Comprehensive view of Medical Conditions
  • Unrelated Medical Conditions Reviewed
  • Expert Testimony Notations (current and future)

Merits & Substantiation:

  • Validate medical review nature of injury or illness
  • Document symptoms, treatment and prognosis of each injury and/or illness based on the records

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