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India’s software and BPO sectors on a roll


India has become a prime destination for overseas companies that are looking at outsourcing business processes especially in areas such as payroll management, insurance, legal and design services, and technical help desks.

Cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and even Pune, are riding high on the BPO wave. Emerging trends indicate a new era in outsourcing, which includes gaming and healthcare services, where Indian companies will be at the head.

There has been a 33 percent rise in software exports according to Nasscom. A record $31.4 billion for the year to March 2007 is further expected to rise 24-27 percent to $49-$50 billion by March 2008. Even foreign firms in India such as IBM and Accenture are also in expansion mode. This has led to an increase in employment of around 1.6 million, up from 1.3 million the previous year. Approximately 50 percent of revenue comes from the United States. Two thirds of the outsourcing market is accounted for by the United States, followed by Europe with a 25 percent share. The average Indian graduate has also been able to take home a salary of Rs. 15,000 ($380 approx.), which is further expected to rise around 12-20% per year.

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