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Outsourcing Newsletter: January 2009
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Technical Support Services Outsourcing Is Still The Right Choice
Due to prevailing recessionary trends, critics are working overtime to spell doom for fast growing businesses such as technical support services outsourcing…

When Telemarketing Services Outsourcing Becomes A Necessity

For many businesses, telemarketing services outsourcing has become an inseparable part of their existing marketing and advertising game plan….

Medical Records Retrieval Outsourcing Helps Reduce Operational Costs
Increasing efficiency and accuracy are often the main objectives that organizations such as health centers, law firms and insurance companies aim to achieve through medical records retrieval outsourcing….

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Will Terror Attacks Adversely Affect Call Center Services Outsourcing Operations?

The recent terror attacks in Mumbai yet again highlight the growing menace of terrorism and the vulnerability of nations and their citizens towards physical and financial losses…

Why Customer Service Outsourcing Remains Immune From The Recession Bug?
The prevailing recessionary trends are giving sleepless nights to businesses worldwide and there is plenty of speculation going around that sooner or later customer service outsourcing firms will also have to face the heat…..

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Negotiating SLAs With Overseas Outsourcing Companies
Once considered a trivial formality, SLAs (Service Level Agreements) now play a critical role in
determining the scope, sustainability and success of outsourced projects. ….

Creating Measurable And Actionable Metrics For Outsourced Call Centers

It had humble beginnings, but over the years, outsourcing call center services has become a widely used strategy for deriving wide-ranging benefits that include everything from cost savings to operational efficiency improvements, brand building, and increased customer satisfaction….
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