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New SEZ Policy To Address Urgent Needs Of The BPO India Industry


Since its inception, the Indian BPO industry may have been delivering improved results year after year, but just like any other industry, it too has some of its own specific issues and problems. Keeping in mind the urgent needs of the industry such as secure transport and safe accommodation for employees, improved infrastructure, advanced technology deployments and others, the Indian government has approved and finalized new SEZ (Special Economic Zones) policies, meant specifically for sorting out the problems and issues described above. The basic aim is to make it easier for the IT, ITES and BPO industry to carry out their business. The government itself has a lot to gain from these new policies because the IT and BPO sector combined contribute significantly to the tax coffers. With favorable policies, the industry is likely to achieve even more, which in turn increase tax revenue.

Clients of the BPO India industry also stand to gain because with the improved facilities and policies, outsourcing firms will be able to deliver far better results than was ever possible earlier. In effect, prominent benefits such as cost-savings, quality and efficiency improvements will become optimized. That’s good news for both the clients and outsourcing firms that together form the Indian BPO industry.

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