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Old Is Stale


Next comes the issue of fresh contacts. Only fresh contacts are of any use to companies looking to build contact discovery lists. If the team merely tweaks old lists which have outdated information, it will be money down the drain and worse you will have the sales team barking up the wrong tree. This is one game where the marathon runner scores over the sprinter in metaphorical terms. Your contact database will come with the guarantee that all the details provided is completely accurate. This is possible because there are several tiers of quality assurance at work before the custom database reaches you.

Dedicated teams assign an account manager who will work in close communication with your firm so that they know your requirement regarding parameters and suppression lists. Using chosen criteria like industry verticals, company size, area of operation, geography etc, they arrive at the best prospect for you after narrowing their search. They also give you the option of searching from a list of accounts you may give them. The best prospect can be chosen based on criteria like area of responsibility, job title description or role.

One of the pitfalls of signing a set of staff for a fixed period of work is that you have no effective way of ensuring that they are all working during that period. They may fall sick, go on leave, quit the job but you end up paying because you have signed a contract. Paying by the hour worked as that protects you as a client. An efficient quality assurance process is perhaps the most important constituent of a successful program. Make sure there is a sense of urgency and a stamp of professionalism in the team that you are provided. Dedicated teams can cover a wider geographical area. Having a dedicated team frees your time so that you can concentrate on areas that need your special attention.

Some of the other details that should not escape your attention are: Can you change your budget half way through the campaign? If the some of the contact discovery list that you have been provided turn out to be duds, can the company ask for a refund? Ideally, the dedicated team should cover geographical areas that have not yet been explored. Along with contact discovery details some intelligence should be also provided as job descriptions can be ambiguous. There may be five managers in a company but only one may be of significance to you. The outsourcing company you choose should provide you with continuous customer support.

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