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Roadblocks to Smooth Integration of BPO Services


It’s no secret that many successful businesses today benefit greatly from the use of business process outsourcing. BPO services providers allow for their clients to focus on their core competencies while tasks that fall outside of those disciplines.  As a result, clients often see a dramatic increase in the cost and time effectiveness of the outsourced processes. While these results are certainly attainable, there are some common roadblocks that present themselves as the client and service provider work together to accomplish organizational goals. Nearshore America recently published an article addressing a few of these roadblocks1.  The roadblocks to be discussed in this article often fall under a lack of vision for the relationship and a failure by the two parties to effectively collaborate throughout the outsourcing process. Telegenisys works closely with each of its clients to ensure that goals and expectations for outsourcing are met in the most time and cost effective manner. By addressing these issues early on in the process, Telegenisys saves its clients from the inevitable frustration that will occur without the proper communication between parties.

As with any project, a client should establish a set of goals and expectations for outsourcing before approaching a BPO service. When a client comes to the table knowing what they would like to see accomplished through BPO, that expectation can be shared with the BPO company. At that time, the client and BPO services company can discuss what would need to take place for those expectations to be met.

Far too often, clients approach BPO without a clear set of expectations and goals. Without a set of established benchmarks, neither the client nor the BPO services provider have any way to determine the success or failure of current activities. Failure to realize the impact of BPO activities is sure to leave the client frustrated and dissatisfied with the work of the BPO provider.

Once a client has developed a set of goals and expectations for BPO, it is essential that the client and the BPO provider collaborate and work together towards the realization of those goals. While a client often chooses to outsource work that is outside of its core competency, that is not to say the client does not hold some insight into how these tasks can be completed most efficiently.

Often times BPO services companies insist that their clients adapt to the provider’s methodology and procedures. While some clients may welcome innovation from the outsourcing company, the client may require that outsourced processes be performed in a particular manner. If neither side is willing to honor the other’s request, this can be a source of contention that sours the relationship.

What makes Telegenisys’ BPO services different?

Telegenisys works to prevent these unfortunate situations by being proactive in communicating with the client throughout the project. This communication ensures that Telegenisys will meet client benchmarks for a successful BPO project all while remaining flexible and attentive to the specific needs of the client.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Telegenisys can meet your specific BPO services needs, contact us here.

1 BPO Transformation: Common Roadblocks and Four Steps to Getting What You Ask For – Nearshore Americas | The New Axis of Outsourcing. (2015, April 14). Retrieved April 23, 2015, from http://www.nearshoreamericas.com/bpo-transformation-common-roadblocks-steps/

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