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Demand Generation that draws attention to your brand with targeted marketing programs

Business-to-business (B2B) transactions are the highest volume of sales for most companies, making fellow business owners some of the most important clientèle. Seeing the importance of B2B transactions, it is very important to acquire leads by getting the word out about your company and the products that it offer to other companies. It is this distribution of information regarding your company that produces an increased demand for your product. The concept of providing prospective clients with information about your company’s product is referred to as data driven marketing. When conducted correctly, data driven marketing allows your business to boost its sales while spending less than it would using alternative marketing methods.

Data Driven Marketing is Superior

Data driven marketing is significantly more cost effective. Data drives focused research of prospective leads to ensure that people receiving your product are interested. Before information can be dispersed, a company must have a list of targeted customers that might choose to purchase the product after reviewing promotional material. Focused research is necessary to find those prospects that any phase of the buying cycle.

Successful business-to-business marketing relies heavily on finding the right people in the right business at the right time in order to effectively generate leads that result in sales. Finding potential targets that meet all of these criteria is a systematic process that can be effectively repeated by an organization.

Getting Precision Lead Generation Makes a Difference

Telegenisys can provide precision research and scalable demand generation to help your company fill your marketing campaigns with the highest quality leads. The cost effectiveness of your B2B marketing efforts relies heavily on the quality of leads. Using Telegenisys’ demand generation services ensures that your company will have access to high quality leads that are guaranteed to perform.

One might ask, “What exactly is demand generation and how does Telegenisys conduct it so efficiently?” The answer begins with your content marketing—information developed by your marketing department for the intention of educating prospective clients on the company and its products—and those with purchasing power regarding your product. Contact discovery teams at Telegenisys research potential leads to find those individuals that are most likely to be interested your information.

At this point, a demand generation campaign is created and research agents contact those individuals that have been identified as potential customers for your business. These individuals are introduced to your company and product. During the contact, the prospect is offered your company’s marketing content. Content can be in the form of white papers, case studies and media presentations containing your company’s information and talking points. The lead is considered generated when the prospect agrees to receive to receive your promotional content. Telegenisys has twenty years of getting your content to the right people, generating more leads. Telegenisys uses its success in the lead generation process to provide your sales department with quality leads that are likely to perform.

Past Cold Calling

Quality lead generation is in direct contrast to the ineffective B2B marketing method known as cold calling. Cold calling involves reaching out to a prospect that you are unfamiliar with and is likely a waste of time for both the prospect and yourself. Prospects are often hesitant to communicate with individuals and companies they are unfamiliar with. With this communication barrier being present, having a prospect agree to receive marketing content is very unlikely. In this case, the lead fails to be generated and the prospect is more than likely removed from the campaign.

Warm leads—those with some perceived connection to your company or product—require much less effort to convert and project a far more positive image of your company. Prospects that are contacted during warm lead campaigns have some familiarity with the company or product. Telegenisys works to develop these warm leads for companies seeking to run more effective marketing campaigns. Precision research creates quality leads that are more likely to be converted. Your company will run an effective marketing campaign contacting only those individuals that are more likely to buy.

Marketing Automation

In addition to focused research techniques, demand generation software is another effective method of finding qualified leads to receive your sales pitch. When a company uses demand generation software, online traffic is converted into new leads that can be contacted. These leads will have more familiarity with the company and its product, as they have already sought out the company’s website. These individuals are considered strong leads because the likelihood that they will agree to receive more information is high due to their previous experience with the company. These prospects are prime candidates to receive additional attention during the next lead generation campaign. Overall, the use of lead generation software converts your web traffic into new leads that are farther along in the buying cycle.

Demand Generation through Social Media

Despite the effectiveness of lead researching and generation software, other lead generation ideas supplement these major processes to ensure that your business gains maximum exposure and garners the interest that it deserves. Social media is another method by which you can develop conversation about your product, taking place naturally without giving the sales pitch that is so necessary in other forms of marketing. Social media also allows your company to create an online presence, positively impacting public perception.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is especially effective in bringing a lead to fruition. Once the prospect shows signs that he is potentially interested in buying, agents working a marketing campaign can offer to set up an appointment for the prospect to speak with a member of the sales team. At this point, the marketing campaign has done its job; it has generated a lead that found its way to the sales department.

Telegenisys uses the above techniques to get the most out of its leads, priming prospects and preparing them to speak with sales teams and boost your company’s profits. With over twenty years of experience, Telegenisys has honed its craft and as a result, guarantees that its leads are accurate.

Marketing Analytics and Lead Management

Promises of performance are well and good, but how are demand generation campaigns measured for effectiveness? Most companies use a combination of statistics referred to as marketing analytics. Determining and monitoring these marketing metrics are vital to the success of marketing campaigns. These statistics are different for each campaign, with varied department and institutional goals. That being said, those companies involved in running marketing campaigns should expect a refactoring process in which those algorithms used to evaluate the success of a particular endeavor need to be adjusted to better reflect the accomplishment of certain goals. Instead of being caught off guard when this occurs, wise companies develop a plan to effectively apply more applicable statistical analysis techniques.

Capturing pertinent and accurate marketing analysis data helps a business develop future marketing tactics, including how future campaigns are conducted. The proper use of marketing analytics on your project can significantly increase the return on your investment.  Telegenisys provides accelerated and scalable outreach to potential customers through contact discovery, lead generation and appointment setting. When necessary, we are also capable of boosting internal marketing efforts.

Along with the rating of a campaign’s success is the rating of the perceived value of a client. Various methodologies exist to take a variety of factors and assign a numeric score to leads. Marketing teams then use these scores to place priority status on those prospects that are most likely to purchase during the next campaign.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of educating high potential leads about your product so that they will become more likely to make a purchase in the future. During a lead nurturing campaign it is the agent’s responsibility to have the prospect agree to receive additional information from your company regarding the product. Once permission to stay in contact with a potential client is received, the lead should receive company talking points to educate the prospect further on the product being marketed to them. This saves your company valuable time and effort in the contact process, focusing on those individuals that are most likely to have some familiarity with your company, an interest in your product and a willingness to purchase in the near future.

Telegenisys works to boost the effectiveness of lead nurturing processes by delivering your business’s marketing information to the right people in the right companies at the right time. The strategic disbursement of white papers, case studies and media presentations will nurture positive sentiment towards your company and product. It is this sentiment that will enable a relationship to develop between the prospect and the company that will eventually lead to a sale. Telegenisys does all of the grunt work to ensure your sales team can have as positive a relationship with your prospects as possible. No more dead end leads. No more awkward cold calls. No more fruitless marketing campaigns. Telegenisys lead discovery and management gives your company a serious competitive advantage, providing a great return on your marketing investment. An advantage like this in B2B marketing is one that you cannot just simply pass up.

Remember that a majority of your transactions likely take place between yourself and another business. You likely have competitors competing for the same clients. Each sale involves direct competition the prospect’s business. You can’t afford to be inefficient and wasteful. You need to put your best foot forward and show your prospects that what you have to offer them is valuable.

There’s no time to be wasted on contacting leads that know nothing about your company and have no reason to be interested in your product. Not only is this a waste of time, it is also not cost effective. An effective marketing campaign cannot fail to be efficient in these areas. In addition to educating the prospect on the product and what it has to offer, those nurturing the lead must build a relationship with the prospect that makes him feel comfortable with moving along in the buying cycle towards a purchase.

Success in these areas will show up on the company’s bottom line. Proper lead generation and management processes allows you to increase sales while spending less money to make those sales. A positive return on investment is the reward of a job well done.  Telegenisys offers precision research to find you the highest quality of leads available. Right away your campaign will be filled with customers that are farther along in the buying cycle, often developing some knowledge of your company and product through methods such as the use of content marketing.

Telegenisys uses it’s nearly twenty years of experience to develop these leads and then take your information to those decision makers directly involved with the purchasing decision regarding your product. Through the use of various lead generation methods including white papers, case studies and media presentations, Telegenisys is able to educate your prospects about your company and product and what they are able to collectively contribute to the success of your client. The development of the lead by Telegenisys staff creates a relationship with the prospect that will transfer over to the relationship between that prospect and your sales team.

With eager prospects coming down the pipe for your sales team, they should see an instant boost in their productivity after beginning a marketing campaign with Telegenisys. The effective lead discovery and generation techniques partnered with years of experience in getting your content to those with the power to buy, Telegenisys is able to provide your sales team with the boost it needs to see your product have the success it deserves.

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