Telemarketing sales development package

Telemarketing sounds like a great way to sell your product or service. Just pick up the phone, call people and make the sale.

But who do you call, and what do you tell them?

The Telegenisys telemarketing sales development package leverages our two decades of experience to quickly find the best sales campaign for your market.

Our package includes:


marketing review and understanding productReview marketing and understand product to sell

We need to understand how your offering differs from what potential customers have seen before and what you’ve tried before. This front-loads our knowledge base so that unexpected feedback from the sales effort can open up new possibilities and opportunities. We also do competitive research to discover what other companies are attempting in your market and the openings they may be providing.



design campaign

Design campaign

With an understanding of your offering and the market to sell it in, we then define the steps towards your success.



script development

Develop script

We apply our experience and your information to make an initial script along with the initial rebuttal list to deal with all foreseen customer objections. We don’t assume that every call will make an instant sale and so need to deal with customers who don’t have time for a call at that moment, or are out, or who wish to review more information on their own time.



review script

Review script

The initial script is then reviewed by our team to find any weak spots. Are there any points that read okay, but are awkward when read aloud? Are there any terms that are not suited to the target market?



get lead source

Get lead source

Depending on the market we can either use a commercial lead source for things like all homeowners in a metro area, or use our own in-house lead generation for more stringent requirements such as executives with decision authority over company uniform purchases.




Select agents

We recruit agents who have the required knowledge, phone presence, and desire to sell your product.



train agents

Train the agents

We then train the agents with the script and use their feedback to refine the pitch.




Start calling

Depending on the campaign we can dial in predictive mode with the agents taking the calls one after the other, or we can use a manual mode where each lead is reviewed carefully before the call is made. We balance legal requirements for calling against lead and agent costs to give the best value campaign.



optimize process

Monitor and optimize the process

We thoroughly call recordings and campaign metrics to optimize the entire process, lead screening, script, and rebuttals. The result is that in just one month’s time we have a proven marketing campaign.

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