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how virtual and physical processes interact


Vision required to define how virtual and physical processes interact

At Telegenisys we get calls from small to medium size business managers who have a small part of their operations that have now become big problems for them. It’s an incidental part of running their business that has somehow grown into what seems to be a bottomless time pit. In any large three initial enterprises there would be an entire department to handle this one area, but when management is a small team or just the owner of the company this can become a critical bottleneck.

So how does Telegenisys take the headache out of our clients’ nightmare processes, without actually going there? What is required is an act of vision on the part of the client to separate out the physical aspects of the process from the virtual parts that can then be performed halfway around the world.

Offshoring doesn’t mean giving up on timely response. We work with clients who have deadlines of minutes to get critical tasks accomplished, and others who have tasks that take weeks to complete. In every case we find the right balance of client coordination so that our clients maintain the visibility and control of their process that we are assisting with. But it literally is a vision thing. If both sides can’t visualize how the outsourced parts fit into the overall process then there’s little chance of success. Which is why our consulting services provided ahead of time ensure success for our clients.

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