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Which business processes can be outsourced without excessive risk?


In simple terms, outsourcing can be expressed as a transparent method of saving money, enhancing quality and simply freeing company resources for other activities. Outsourcing is a process of sharing. It is the concept of paying an outside firm to handle internal company functions.

The big question that naturally comes up is, why outsourcing? Outsourcing can operate pretty well, especially when there is a market slowdown and companies would prefer to outsource their routine functions. Every outsourcing plan requires a proper analysis of current processes.

This type of analysis requires a good R&D department and is a real learning experience. Companies that are keen on making a profit need to have an open mind towards outsourcing. Outsourcing makes perfect sense for any enterprise looking at relieving some of the internal resources for more important and sensitive efforts.

The main topic of discussion is, which least-risk business processes can be outsourced? It is notable to see that companies outsource those business processes that include the employment of a vast and sometimes surplus work force. Generally, business processes that are outsourced are related to information technology, human resources, facilities, real estate management, and accounting.

It is ironical to observe that any business process includes a lot of financial dealings and a certain amount of classified customer information, which a company would not be comfortable releasing in the consumer market. In order to comprehend the presence of a risk factor, a basic idea of an outsourcing model is necessary. An outsourcing model involves four steps, namely establishing contact, requirement gathering, development and maintenance.

Surreptitious information exists in facilities like bank services and real estate management. Outsourced-projects like the US Payroll, where the Social Security Number of a US employee is discussed has never received any negative feedback for the outsourcing company hired. However, you can never question the morality of the workforce seeking recruitment in BPOs. A recruiting company is limited to a person’s qualification for a final judgement.

The companies make an effort to ensure that the project remains secure and confidential. Companies such as IBM, WIPRO, Infosys and Telegenisys make it mandatory to sign a ‘Non Disclosure Agreement’. In simple words, the companies ensure that project details are available only to team members involved in that specific project. These employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements with the company’s cyber security system.

All business processes are liable to risks. Popular companies such as IBM, WIPRO, HSBC and Telegenisys are known to render and deliver quality service, with security.

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