Will Terror Attacks Adversely Affect Call Center Services Outsourcing Operations?

Will Terror Attacks Adversely Affect Call Center Services Outsourcing Operations?

August 26, 2009

The recent terror attacks in Mumbai yet again highlight the growing menace of terrorism and the vulnerability of nations and their citizens towards physical and financial losses. The way these terror attacks were carried out also shows that involved terrorists were not only interested in killing innocent people and damaging prime property, but were also highly motivated towards creating a general state of panic and chaos, intended at destabilizing the regions peace and prosperity. Many experts believe that one of the primary objectives of terrorists could have been the disruption of operations of fast growing and highly valued industries such as the outsourcing industry.

So, have the terror attacks succeeded in their nefarious designs of destabilizing the operations of prominent players such as the call center services outsourcing industry? Well certainly not because operations at all call center services outsourcing firms, including those that are located in and around Mumbai, are being carried out without any glitches whatsoever. In spite of the prolonged 60 hours of sustained terror strikes, neither have call center services outsourcing professionals taken a day off nor have the clients talked about shifting their call center services outsourcing projects to some other location. Call center services outsourcing providers and their clients firmly believe that tragedies, both natural and man made, can be overcome and that they should never overwhelm the human spirit and its enterprising nature.

Realizing that shutting down or curtailing operations will only help sponsors of terrorism,call center services outsourcing firms are instead undertaking measures that will enhance the security of outsourcing centers and call center professionals working there. Clients are also lending their full support and cooperation to call center services outsourcing firms in their efforts to reduce security risks and potential disruption of operations. So for the initial question of terror attacks adversely affecting call center services outsourcing operations, it would be pertinent to say that something like that is not happening yet and also that clients can continue to derive the benefits associated with outsourcing.

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