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Telegenisys Inc. is a compliance focused Business Process Outsourcing organization certified with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005 and externally audited privacy compliance. Our Data Entry Services teams handle over 60,000 medical records cases per month. We have analyzed more than a million satellite and aerial photographs, and delivered thousands of business leads and marketing prospects per month.

Our back office services are based on highly reliable systems using multi-layered bandwidth and power backup systems. We work rapidly to deliver more durable savings and consistent RESULTS.

Client Solutions

onshore outsourcing Electronic Medical Records

HIPAA Compliant Case Management

HIPAA Compliant Case Management by Telegenisys provides the highest quality secure electronic medical records data and claims processing.

Road Segmentation in Aerial Images by Exploiting Road Vector Data

Traffic Studies

Telegenisys providing traffic studies support and traffic modeling Services through image analysis of accurate traffic data.

contact discovery researcher Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Telegenisys provides Demand Generation and Contact Discovery services implementing strategies to boost the effectiveness of its B2B Demand Generation program.

Technical Support Services Outsourcing

Technical Support

Telegenisys offers multi-tiered technical support outsourcing solutions and Information Technology Outsourcing services for your business.

Call Center Services Outsourcing Telegenisys

Customer Support

Outsource customer support and helpdesk services to Telegenisys to expand your customer communication while reducing costs.

Data Entry Services and Data Security

Data Entry Services

Data entry services provider and the best outsourcing firm Telegenisys helps you to reduce company cost and improves efficiency.

Latest Outsourcing Projects

HIPAA Compliant Case Management

Telegenisys exceeds 65,000 HIPAA compliance cases per month.

With the addition of several Insurance companies to our data stream Telegenisys for the first time exceeded 65,000 life insurance cases

In good hands with Telegenisys

Telegenisys finds contact data

Adding to its diverse skills Telegenisys announces the formation of the research group.

Geocoding Geographic Information System Support

Telegenisys Geo Codes lanes on more than 50,000 miles of US Highways

Telegenisys Geo Codes lanes on more than 50,000 miles of US Highways.

Business Process Outsourcing

Telegenisys turns around real time contact research.

Telegenisys turns around real time contact research in 48 hours for a premium client.

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