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legal medical summary examples 2023

Many legal, medical summary example formats are available with Telegenisys, and the correct format depends on the specific use case. For example, there are distinct formats for different types of injuries. Some legal medical summary formats are designed for personal injury and medical malpractice cases, while others are better suited for workers’ compensation cases.

There are also formats for other legal cases, such as medical malpractice cases. In addition to the specific structure, the summary must include certain information, such as the injury’s date, the treating physician’s name, and a description of the treatment received.

A legal medical summary is essential for lawyers as it helps ensure accurate documentation of all present information.

Telegenisys offers expert legal medical summaries tailored to your needs. We understand the importance of accuracy and timeliness, so you can rest assured that we will handle your requests with the utmost care.

This blog post will explore some examples of summaries created by Telegenisys and discuss how they can be helpful in court cases.

Before you review and download one of our customizable summary formats, let’s look at how our summaries benefit law companies.

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Legal medical summaries for law firms- affordable & reliable

It’s critical to have a method for organizing medical data in client files. This organization is essential for both pre-litigation settlement procedures and trial preparation. It is feasible to tag the entire document as an exhibit and delve down to specific pages or sentences as exhibits or sub-exhibits in their own right.

However, that would be inconvenient and waste a lot of time finding the exact information during the pretrial or trial proceedings in court. Telegenisys reviews and extracts the detailed information required for a particular case and makes summaries for you in a format of your choice. These summaries can be relied upon in courts as they contain the precise information required to present the evidence.

Without exception, everyone in the law firm should be able to understand any medical records with ease and speed. We pay close attention to references to past and unrelated medical treatments and techniques while reviewing and summarizing medical records. At the start of the medical summary, we include information about any previous medical procedures. This information saves the paralegal a lot of effort and time when preparing for the case.

Our summaries can be wholly relied upon as we have over 20 years of experience summarizing medical records for legal purposes. Our summary services are affordable, and attorneys save many costs and resources when partnering with us for medical data documentation services.

Win your next case with a medical-legal summary

Telegenisys is experienced in creating software-assisted summaries for law firms. We understand precisely what a law firm requires when presenting evidence and the case details in court. We share the same aim of winning every case you take up and process; hence, we support this aim by providing quick and easily understandable summaries in easy-to-understand formats.

Our formats usually consist of medical chronologies and timelines. The incident data is presented in customizable medical chronologies to help you save time in presenting the case and eventually winning it. The medical chronology, in summary, is created with the help of our software VMR. The analytics in the electronic file allows you to customize the medical chronology as per your choice.

A patient’s medical history includes a timeline of events and a brief summary of each event. This information is gathered from different records. A typical comprehensive summary includes details of the client’s medical condition, the medical professionals they contacted, tests done, diagnoses, current treatment strategy, medicine, and dosage. Significant operations, such as heart surgery and equipment like pacemakers and hearing aids, can be included in the summaries.

Brief and narrative are the two general types of summaries. A summary, often known as a synopsis or case summary, is generally between one and two pages long and summarizes the major points of a case. On the other hand, narrative summaries are usually two to ten pages long and give a more thorough description of events in chronological order.

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Get the legal edge with medical summaries

At Telegenisys, we create software-assisted medical summaries to help attorney firms access the precise information they need for a particular case. Paralegals and attorneys can concentrate on more pressing matters like preparing witnesses and other exhibits if they outsource summaries to firms like ours.

How our medical-legal summaries help law firms

They enable a thorough overview of the case and assist in determining the extent of injury and claim assessment.

  • Assist in identifying exhibits and preparing them.
  • Assist in preparing a response to interrogatories.
  • Determine whether the plaintiff has other medical conditions that are unrelated and is those must be considered in determining his settlement expectancy.
  • At a hearing or deposition, preparing the plaintiff to testify is essential. Our summaries will help in this process.
  • For an expert opinion, our summaries provide a review of records.
  • Digging up mitigating circumstances.

Examples of medical summaries required for legal purposes

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Example 1: Legal Format 1

legal medical summary format 1

This summary format has an example of a personal injury incurred by a person. Individual injury case summaries begin with a brief description of the incident/personal injury. The summary’s beginning includes an accurate date and time and a short description of the events following the incident. These details ensure you know what happened to your client before any other details.

The summary further covers any personal history and if any previous incidents had occurred with dates. The overview covers a chronology of all the providers, their credentials, and the diagnoses each provides in user-defined categories. You can reference the source medical records for this list of diagnoses through the hyperlink page references mentioned in all summary sections. Suppose you need to see the diagnoses made by particular healthcare professional. In that case, a single click will take you to the specific page in the medical record of that particular doctor’s notes.

A chronological timeline of the patient’s treatments after the incident is extracted and written accurately. As the summary report can be customized the way you want, you can view only the timeline of the treatments provided in text or a graphical chart. Our summary will also mention the missing records and the complete list of medical expenses incurred for the incident.

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Example 2: Legal Format 13

legal summary format 13  simple chronology

This summary format example is a simple chronology of the medical events in the patient’s life span. The healthcare professional who provided the treatment, the healthcare facility names, and the reference page to each medical event in the medical record is in a timeline. We create a report in MS Excel spreadsheet format.

The Excel spreadsheet can easily customize, filter, and review only the required information. For example, an attorney may want to know the details of the medical event five years ago and the treatment provided to correlate it to the current lawsuit. The attorney can find this information in minutes by customizing the date, and the summary report would easily present the required information.

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Example 3: Legal Format 15

legal medical summary format 15

This summary format example is of specific abstractions of medical conditions and treatments given and requested by the client. We provide more than 100 formats in which a summary can be written and delivered. In this format, only specific conditions data for a particular period in the medical records are extracted from the source medical record. We have created a software-assisted summary as per the client’s specific requirements.

In this format, precise extracts are shown and can be part of the medical evidence in a case. Like all summaries we create, this one also has the required referencing and the page numbers where you can view the original report or physician’s notes with a button click.

A summary allows attorneys to comprehend the medical terms and procedures involved in a specific case like motor vehicle accidents. Attorneys can devote time and effort to a case without being distracted by the numerous subtleties that go along with it.

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Example 4: Legal Format 16

legal medical summary format 16

A chronology of events in a case aids in constructing a convincing argument, whether for or against compensation. You can review the patient’s pre-existing injuries in this summary format.

In this summary report, you can view a chronological tabular format in which all the medical conditions the person has been diagnosed with and treated for. Attorneys would need such a format to narrow down on causation. They will need to know if the history of medical conditions has played any part in the current event for which the lawsuit is filed.

This kind of summary may even contribute to deciding on a compensation amount during the case. A critical aspect of a summary is that it clarifies all parties involved in the case, allowing them to understand what occurred at particular periods.

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Example 5: Legal Format 17


This format is an example of a unique summary format, the narrative summary. In narrative summaries, the incident summarized is in a narrative or descriptive form. The entire incident and the events that follow are in paragraphs. This format has a timeline; however, the dates and times are in the descriptive narration.

Explanation of the personal injury incident and the details of the patient’s injuries are in simple language. Like the other summary formats, this format has the page references hyperlinked to the source medical records for easy referencing. For the non-medical people, we present the treatments in a descriptive form.

This is a specially requested format by attorneys who do not clearly understand the medical terminology and would like to get a thorough understanding of the events.

Narrative summaries like these, as well as case summaries, may be used as a guide. For example, if an attorney wants to contact an expert, a narrative summary might suggest what sort of specialist is required. Litigators might also utilize them to discover gaps in information and shed light on where the opponent’s counterclaim originated.

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Legal medical Summary Examples – FAQ

What is a legal medical summary?

A legal medical summary is a document that provides an overview of a person’s medical treatment history. You can use the outline for various purposes, such as to support a disability claim or to evaluate the severity of a person’s illness.

How do I create a summary for legal medical cases?

There are many different ways to create a summary. You can hire a company specializing in this service or try to do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself, you will need to gather all of the relevant medical records and then organize the information in a way that is easy to understand.

What information should I include in a summary for legal medical cases?

The information you include in a summary will depend on the purpose for which it is being created. However, it would help if you generally tried to have as much relevant information as possible, such as doctor’s notes, lab test results, and drug history.

How long does a summary take to create?

The amount of time it takes to create a summary will vary depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of information needed. Sometimes, making a legal medical summary may only take a few days. In other cases, it may take weeks or even months.

Can anyone create a summary for legal medical cases?

No, not everyone can create a summary. This type of document requires specialized knowledge and skills. If you are unfamiliar with the legal process, hiring a company specializing in this service is best.

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