Traffic Studies

Road Segmentation in Aerial Images by Exploiting Road Vector Data for USA

Traffic studies provide the status quo picture of how the transportation infrastructure is currently used in order to inform decisions about changes that might change the demand on this infrastructure, needed additions or simply reallocation. A new sport stadium, residential subdivision or shopping center might increase traffic to the point of gridlock, use excess capacity on counter commute lanes, or relieve pressure on congested roads by diverting traffic that would have gone elsewhere. The key to unlock traffic gridlock is an accurate model of the current infrastructure, how it is being used currently, and what impact proposed and foreseen changes will have on the usage.

Project planners need fast, accurate and agile traffic studies services in order to meet their deadlines, but most are small companies that don’t have the manpower to carefully analyze all the data needed. Therefore they turn to data entry and reduction companies to provide the right answers to meet their deadlines and quickly respond to their clients’ changing needs.

Telegenisys offers numerous services to help our clients manage data and understand images so that they can focus on managing their projects. Our experts have years of experience working with a wide variety of tasks related to traffic studies planning services, including:

Data entry
Development of traffic pattern data
GIS data input and analysis
Photographic data reduction
Traffic modeling

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