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Traffic analysis includes a large amount of data from many areas, such as travel patterns, traffic performance, and types of traffic, to determine when improvements are needed, how bottle necks can be alleviated, and the calibration of land use. You need to have the right input to get the process started, and that means figuring out what data, simulations, and models are the best indicators of how traffic works around the city or town.

To properly analyze traffic information it is necessary to compile and review massive amounts of data to see how traffic has evolved over time. You will need to have data from different studies, traffic monitoring, and changes in populations and businesses around problem areas.

Traffic analysis should account for changes in travel patterns and methods, such as the establishment of commuter programs, HOV lanes, and public transportation. By analyzing changes across a city or town and determining what changes have been most effective, you can get a better idea of how to proceed with a project.

Traffic analysis plays a pivotal role in managing traffic because it is the first step to building traffic models and simulations. If your traffic analysis fails to consider certain possibilities or overlooks less obvious problems, it will have a cascading effect on all subsequent planning.

Our image analysts have the expertise to assist in understanding the different types of visuals and simulations and what it means for your project. We also offer comprehensive data support solutions to avoid data gaps that could skew results. Our analytical teams have worked on both simple and advanced analysis projects, and we can put our experience to work to help you submit the right results for your project.

For analysis projects requiring video analysis, aerial photo analysis (such as counting or tracking cars on images), GIS data creation and traffic model database creation services contact us at Telegenisys.  As an ISO certified operation we can assure you highly accurate superior results.

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