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Telegenisys offers cost effective and highly efficient offshore business process outsourcing services. Our service offerings include medical records retrieval, GIS services, business lead generation, Omni-Channel Customer Support & Data collection services.

To abide by our core principle to deliver excellence in business process management we break down the process based on client expectations and engineer it with precision to deliver expected performance and timely reports.

Our systems are mature and rapid. For most medium sized projects we are able to deploy within a week or two with clear and transparent client reporting. Our services apply across industries and we have as easily deployed for business to consumer applications as business to business.


HIPAA Compliant Case Management

HIPAA Compliant Case Management Medical Records Providers and patients are the gears that turn the massive engine that is the healthcare industry and medical records chronicle this system. Without the accurate … Read more

Traffic Studies

Traffic studies provide the status quo picture of how the transportation infrastructure is currently used in order to inform decisions about changes that might change the demand on this infrastructure, … Read more

GIS Coding

Telegenisys GIS Coding support Telegenisys has been providing Geographic Information System or GIS Coding support for traffic studies and road mapping since 2012. Origin-Destination studies When planning for the impact … Read more

Demand Generation

Demand Generation that draws attention to your brand with targeted marketing programs Business-to-business (B2B) transactions are the highest volume of sales for most companies, making fellow business owners some of … Read more

Technical Support Outsourcing

Desktops and Networks Maintaining, monitoring and securing PCs and networks since 1994. Omni-Channel Support Services Desktop Support Services Remote IT Support Services Support Helpdesk We bring overflow capacity for your … Read more

Omni Channel Support

Telegenisys: The Right Tech Support Solution for your Business In today’s world, very few of us run a business in which we deal solely with those next door to us. … Read more

Customer Support

Telegenisys provides full cycle product and customer support so that consumers make cost effective and correct use of products. Our customer services can include planning, purchase, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, … Read more

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