Healthcare Informatics Services

Medical Chronology

Medical Chronology

Medical chronology is a document that presents relevant details of medical events on a timeline. Know more…


Medical summaries

Medical Summaries

Medical Summaries organize medical data from multiple healthcare and non-healthcare providers in a sequence that makes it easy to review a person’s medical history covered by those records. Know more…


Healthcare provider services

Healthcare Provider services

Since 2006 the company has served a variety of healthcare providers including medical labs, chronic care service providers, medical practitioners, life insurance and legal firms. Know more…

Medical summaries

Medical Records Retrieval

Telegenisys provides both consulting and outsourced teams to streamline and accelerate record collection. We provide research and free resources to help organizations who need to collect records. Know more…


life care plan

Life care plans

Our life care plans thoroughly evaluate the plaintiff’s current and future medical and lifestyle needs in catastrophic or chronic healthcare incident. Attorneys can use this information to understand the lifetime impact of an injury on a person. Know more…

demand letter

Demand letter services

Our demand letter services help make law firm clients more effective in negotiating higher settlements for personal injury claims because they contain comprehensive, clear, and factual references to substantiate all assertions. Know more…

Other Services

Traffic Studies

Traffic studies provide the status quo picture of how the transportation infrastructure is currently used in order to inform decisions about changes that might change the demand on this infrastructure, needed additions, or simply reallocation.

Demand generation

In order for targeted marketing programs to drive customer acquisition, precise identification of leads, their roles, their involvement in the product function, and their willingness to give appointments all testify to their interest. At Telegenisys it’s our job to prime the client acquisition pump with more effective lead generation / Demand Generation.

Outsourced telemarketing services

Telegenisys has been perfecting their telemarketing approach for over twenty years. Telegenisys outsourced telemarketing services are implemented in a manner to afford the same level of focus and precision to each and every product.

Customer database management

Your databases of customers, clients, and connections are some of your most important assets, but these assets need maintenance. Previous contacts can be the easiest source of additional sales, if these can be contacted again. However people change jobs, move, and eventually retire. Telegenisys Database Refresh services help our clients reconnect with these valuable lost connections.

Data entry services

Telegenisys data entry services has delivered on time and on budget with the highest levels of security and accuracy. We provide viable logistics support for Data Entry and Case Management, Telegenisys excels in business process outsourcing of data entry services.

Business process outsourcing services

Telegenisys is unlike any other business process outsourcing organization, our goal goes beyond merely carrying out the clients’ requirements. We strive to establish a long-standing partnership with our clients and work in close coordination with them so as to provide them with only the best services possible. More on business process outsourcing:

Data Analysis

Telegenisys has teams working on advanced analysis projects. In these projects we operate in a near zero error environment. Our teams adapt to client needs and ensure that SLAs are met and exceeded.

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