Comprehensive life care plans

Detailed assessments of future medical costs


Our life care plans thoroughly evaluate the plaintiff’s current and future medical and lifestyle needs in catastrophic or chronic healthcare incident. Attorneys can use this information to understand the lifetime impact of an injury on a person.

The comprehensive life care plan can be utilized for a variety of catastrophic injuries, crippling impairments, or long-term care situations, including:

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Major Burns
  • Birth-injuries
  • Injuries to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other tissues in the body.
  • persistent discomfort
  • Amputation
  • And many others

Our life care plans are employed in several legal areas, including family law, workman’s compensation, personal injury, and estate planning.  Contact us for a sample of faster and more comprehensive life care plans.

What are life care planners?

Life care planners aim to assess persons with disabilities or chronic health problems to determine their requirements as a result of their condition. Life care planners develop a comprehensive plan outlining all required items, services, and related costs.

Our team of expert life care planners

Doctors, nurses, rehabilitation counselors, and case managers are some of the members of the expert life care planners team. Our team of professional medical experts has years of expertise crafting life care plans that serve our customers’ interests.

When are life care plans needed?

Personal injury cases

A life care plan is crucial in determining how much economic compensation you receive in a personal injury case. It contains a full assessment of the impact of injury, its recorded history, and its expected impact through the injured person’s lifespan. The study considers the individual’s whole set of circumstances, including medical expenses, nursing care, and cost of living expenses. The report is a thorough breakdown of a person’s requirements in light of their wounds and anticipated lifespan.

Medical malpractice cases

These strategies are frequently utilized in medical malpractice cases to demonstrate the victim’s pain and suffering. Life care plans also provide an overview of the type and cost of care, which makes it simpler for juries to decide what compensation is fair for the injured party.

Workers Compensation

The complete settlement should include a comprehensive life care plan if a work injury results in long-term incapacity. This crucial element is required to cover and address future problems the patient will encounter. Workers’ compensation settlement depends on substantiating the long-term impact of injury, including future personal, medical care requirements, and potential earnings.

Veterans disability

Life Care Plan coordinates programs and advocates for our clients to guarantee that veterans continue to receive the finest care and quality of life imaginable.

Civil litigation

A person injured will typically hire a lawyer to safeguard their past and future legal entitlements to financial compensation. A life care plan may significantly increase the monetary compensation granted to an injured party.

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Personal Injury case reviews – life care plans

Telegenisys brings expertise in developing a FULL view of injury and its long-term impact. Sometimes attorneys miss essential elements of an injury; therefore, their demand is deficient or inadequate to cover an injury.

As expert life care planners, we conduct systematic medical evaluations and consultations to establish expert diagnostic results and suggestions for ongoing care requirements.

Life Care Plan contains:

  • Injury, disability, and illness: nature, cause, and severity
  • A precise medical indicator of future costs and demands for care, taking into account potential and likely complications related to the person’s health.
  • Limitations on daily living (ADL) activities

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What do we offer

Our life care plans are designed to assist the Plaintiff or Defense attorney in data analysis, research, and objective patient assessments. We provide attorneys and life care planners with a comprehensive document that lists a plaintiff’s current and anticipated future medical needs and costs, giving a complete evaluation for their review and use. Get started with the cost evaluation with us now.

Requirements for a life care plan

According to the life care methodology, the following are the requirements for a life care plan:

  • Therapies including physical therapy, occupational therapy, recreation therapy, speech therapy, etc.
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Assistive medical equipment
  • Provides assistance for independent action
  • Prescription
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Home care/facility care
  • Medical care on a regular basis.
  • Transportation
  • Architectural modifications
  • Risks and difficulties
  • Surgical procedures
  • Vocational services

A life care plan is created following a set procedure that includes interviews with the client and family members, review of medical documents and materials such as depositions, day-in-the-life videos, academic records, work histories, and tax returns, consultation with treatment experts and providers, and study of treatment expenses and sources.

Life care planning process

Life Care Planning is a multi-dimensional approach to the practice of law that helps families manage every obstacle they may face when their loved one becomes ill or hospitalized. Meeting with a Life Care Planning facilitator beforehand can prepare you and your agent for any potential challenges.

Life care planning is an established field with many professional benefits, such as national certifications, role and function studies, and published standards of practice.

A life care plan is created following a set procedure that includes meeting with the client and family members, perusing medical records and supporting materials like depositions, day-in-the-life videos, educational papers, employment records, and tax returns, consulting with treatment providers and specialists, researching treatment costs and sources.

Our process includes:

  • Review of relevant medical records
  • Review of Interview and or consultation with appropriate parties
  • Environmental assessment (home or facility)
  • Relevant literature reviews
  • Location Specific pricing quotes for services and products required
  • Estimated increases in costs over time of therapy
  • Impact on the ability to acquire and use services required
  • Timeline of treatment and remedial requirements

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Features of our life care plans

Patient-specific evaluation data

Each recommendation must be closely related to the information gathered during the clinical interview, the patient’s and family’s history, the study of all professional medical/health records, and the clinical data analysis. We substantiate all assertions with facts, and MD noted medical opinion.

Our life care plans answer questions

The life care plan needs to be straightforward to read. If the plan is examined in a forensic context, this will improve communications and shorten the time spent in a deposition.

Recommendations are proactive

Life care plans should be created and implemented proactively, reducing difficulties’ likelihood, severity, and length.


Planning for life care involves many different aspects, and each proposal may impact other suggestions and plan components. All elements included in a plan will have an immediate and long-term effect on other recommendations based on a specific functional restriction or impairment.

Ready for presentation

A professional appearance and a well-written, well-documented life care plan are essential and add credibility to damage claims.

life care plan sample

Do you have a personal injury case? If your client has been injured, he/she may be entitled to compensation. That’s where life care plans come in – we help lawyers, lifecare planners calculate the damages done to their clients because of an accident or any other type of injuries, so they can get the money they deserve.

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Why choose us

Telegenisys Inc. is a Delaware company with primary offices in Fairfield, California. The company operates on two continents, with a second office in Pune, India. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed the most advanced software-assisted medical summary process, so our SLAs can be as little as 24 hours.

We provide technology services and support, delivering value, precision, and reliability superior results. The purpose of our team at Telegenisys is to develop easier ways to comprehend and measure medical results. To do so, we’re ISO certified to zero in on client-relevant performance indicators across quality, security, and productivity–so that we can establish a sustainable outsourcing model. Plus, our service delivery model is mature and designed specifically for ZERO DEFECTS.


What is a life care plan?

The life care plan, adopted in 1998 by the International Conference on Life Care Planning and the International Academy of Life Care Planners, is a document that concisely lays out a methodical plan for the current and future needs of those who have suffered catastrophic or chronic health care needs.

It may be utilized in consultation with patients, family members, rehabilitation experts, and case managers to connect the various components of care.

It can help patients, families, rehabilitation professionals, and case managers work together to develop the best possible treatment plans.

What does an expert life care planner do?

An expert life care planner creates a plan to fulfill the needs of people who have had catastrophic injuries, crippling illnesses, or other medical conditions that call for long-term care. They will handle a variety of topics, such as:

  • The routine evaluation of care costs (including medicine, orthopedic needs, home care, surgical treatment)
  • Wheelchair needs
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Recreational equipment
  • Therapy-related costs

What does a life care plan include?

A life care plan is a comprehensive account of a person’s monetary requirements and costs after a personal injury accident. The study considers the individual’s whole set of circumstances, including medical expenses, nursing care, and cost of living expenses, and getting the proper care while preserving family resources.

What is the purpose of a life care plan?

Life Care Plans are specialized instruments for case management used with patients, families, and rehabilitation specialists. They define individuals’ health and rehabilitation needs throughout their lifetime and are essential to a person.

What type of professional is life care planner?

The report is comprehensive, considering a person’s complete circumstances, such as medical bills, nursing care costs, and average daily living expenses. It’s an itemized list of what a person needs to live comfortably, given their injuries and life expectancy.

What are the components of a life care plan?

A life care plan is a document that identifies an individual’s future medical and supportive care needs. Care plans use a five-step framework that includes assessment, diagnosis, outcomes and planning, implementation, and evaluation.

What evaluation and certification process do life care planners go through?

The IHCCC offers certification to professional life planners. To be a certified life care planner, the applicants must pass an accreditation test that covers their knowledge of comprehensive and effective treatment programs for patients with severe illnesses or disabilities.

The certification process assesses the life care planner’s understanding of health care systems, catastrophic disabilities that require CONSTANT medical attention, and the protocols necessary to help people with profound, life-altering illnesses or injuries maintain a good quality of life.

Every five years, a certified life care planner must renew their certification by completing 80 credit hours, including eight ethics courses. If they wish to maintain board certification from the Commission on Health Care Certification, experts usually prefer to obtain it.

A certified life care planner will assess the patients and their diagnoses to determine the level and type of care they will need shortly.

Do I need a life care plan after an accident?

Depending on your injuries and the severity of your impairments, a life-support program may be required for compensation. You don’t need a medical treatment plan if you think you’ll recover in a few weeks or months if the harm happens in one or both of these situations.

What does a care plan consist of?

Life care plans provide critical details about the patient’s diagnosis, treatment goals, and necessary nursing orders and actions. This information helps ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

What is life care planning methodology?

Life care plans often incorporate the life care planning methodology, which includes benefits like regular check-ups, diagnostic testing, therapies and independence assistance, prescribed medication, and home/skilled nursing facility transport.


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