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There are many business process outsourcing companies out there, but Telegenisys is a cut above the rest. We have over 22 years of experience as a successful BPO company with globally accepted certifications (ISO9001, ISO27001, and HIPAA). We offer a wide range of outsourcing solutions, and we always deliver quality work that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our mission is business process outsourcing (BPO) success through service excellence. If you are considering an outsourced team we are confident of you will be pleased with the results we create in collaboration with your team.

Telegenisys offers a world-class framework for communications, project planning, remote team management, data sharing securely.

Key things to know about Telegenisys:


  • Powerful Workstations
  • Dual Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset provided to all workstations
  • Secure VLAN, Internet access, and Azure cloud resources
  • Access to Meeting Rooms & Common areas
  • Secure, power backup, redundant infrastructure facilities.

Administrative Support

  • IT & Network Infrastructure Support
  • Structured Governance, Leadership, And Operational Support
  • HR Support & Management
  • Payroll & Benefits Management

Staffing/Human Resources

The Telegenisys offshoring program includes a comprehensive recruitment service to find the right people to fit your role and company culture. Each person is screened and our service includes:

  • Sourcing talent through our rapid response channels
  • Each person tested for full Speaking, listening, and computer literacy
  • Background check for each applicant
  • Skill and technical testing based on business function requirements
  • Client interviews

Rapid but rock-solid BPO team launch process

Using our 22 years of experience as a business process outsourcing service provider, we can often accelerate the launch process for remote team success. Agile business development and project management tools. Our outsourcing teams use Agile development methods, which means we can make changes quickly as needed without disrupting workflow or delaying projects. Rapid specification, recruitment, training, and deployment are the results of this superior process.

  • Document team functions in record time. We can quickly document the business workflow and team functions required to get your outsourced project up and running. Having this information upfront allows us to hit the ground running with a fully functioning remote team that is already knowledgeable about your workflow. This approach minimizes disruption to your company and helps ensure a successful outsourcing experience.
  • Training development that simplifies skill development. Our outsourcing teams are trained to work with your business process management software and business rules to create training documentation. Out training includes skill development so the team will also be culturally aligned with your in-house team from the beginning, so there is no need for extensive training on how to communicate effectively across cultures. We have worked with companies of all sizes in many industries around the world, which means we have the experience and expertise to quickly get your outsourced project up and running.
  • Collaborative recruitment that is sensitive to client culture. Our recruitment process is tailored to find the right people for your company’s culture and job requirements. We take the time to learn about your business and interview all potential team members so that we can carefully select the best candidates who will be a good cultural fit with your in-house team. Furthermore, our training and development approach helps ensure that your remote team will have the skills necessary to succeed in their role.
  • Performance metrics and SLAs are constructed by the requirements of each member of the remote team.Our business process outsourcing teams are structured to provide the performance metrics and Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) required by your business. This allows us to customize our services to meet your specific needs while still providing the high level of quality you expect from Telegenisys.
  • Superior reporting tools and management analytics. Telegenisys has proprietary business intelligence reporting tools that allow us to provide you with access to real-time information about business process progress, team productivity, SLA compliance, and other metrics that are important for project success.
  • Zero defects process management. Our outsourcing teams use a zero defects process management approach to ensure quality work and timely project delivery. This rigorous methodology helps us maintain our high standards for customer satisfaction and client retention.

Unlike other BPO vendors, Telegenisys offers an extensive toolset for team management.

Service Delivery Locations

Telegenisys Inc. is a BPO company based in California with staff worldwide. Since the pandemic of 2019 Telegenisys staff works from 15+ locations in multiple time zones and countries. Telegenisys’ business operation has its primary location in California and in Pune, India.

Global Services, Rapidly Configured, Professionally Delivered

Our business is organized along the business workflow, business domain, and business sector lines with a common focus on customer service excellence and operational efficiency to deliver flexible solutions that are easy to integrate into existing operations. Our business units are comprised of cross-functional teams who bring together the best talent from our global delivery centers in the United States, Pune India, and our global workforce.

Advantages of Offshore Outsourcing

Outsourcing entails subcontracting various business functions to businesses that specialize in such activities. Payroll, information technology, research and development, and customer care services are just a few of the areas in which firms may choose to outsource.

Lower labor costs

Over 70% less labor cost is the most obvious benefit of outsourcing to a foreign country. In addition, because outsourcing companies are experts in their field, they can often provide better quality services at a lower cost than firms that try to handle such activities in-house.

Outsourcing can also help reduce human resource costs, as business process outsourcing companies assume responsibility for providing benefits, training, and all other HR functions. HR, administrative, basic labor management functions are all included in business process outsourcing quotes.

Save time and infrastructure costs

Another advantage of outsourcing business activities is that there is no need for capital expenditure on infrastructure. Business process outsourcing companies have their own technology and infrastructure in place. Our clients use our readily available setup to reduce costs.

Reduce business risk

Outsourcing business functions to a third party reduces business risks as well. The business process outsourcing company assumes the financial burden associated with these activities such as costs related to employee benefits and HR management tasks.

Flexible scalability

Another benefit of business process outsourcing is business scalability. Businesses can adjust the number of staff and services based on business needs with a quick turnaround time for scaling up or reducing staff. A seasonal business model can often challenge small companies as they try to shrink and grow. Outsourcing companies can meet such business objectives with ease.
Access to top talent and a much larger talent pool

By outsourcing business functions, firms have access to more skilled workers than they may be able to hire in-house due to the cost of hiring and training employees. Business process outsourcing companies have already done this, so they can provide your business with a team of skilled workers who are up to speed on the latest technologies and business workflows. Outsourced teams can address workforce challenges that may be a hindrance locally.

Significant staff retention advantages

A business process outsourcing company can provide a significant advantage to a business in the area of staff retention. Telegenisys averages staff tenure of 2.5 years which is 5X better than the rest of the BPO space. We do it by taking care of our staff. When employees know their jobs are secure and that there is room for growth within the organization, they are more likely to be loyal and productive employees. Offshore business process outsourcing companies have a lower turnover rate than US firms in the current employment environment. Our clients can avoid most financial or workplace problems by outsourcing to a mature organization like Telegenisys.

Timezone differential to increase service delivery ease

Our clients have complete flexibility to schedule their teams and this often means they can offer 24/7 service or complete work faster while the staff in the US is off work.

Improved Focus on Core Competencies

When a business focuses on its core business functions, it is more likely to be successful. Outsourcing business activities that are not the company’s strengths allows it to focus on what it does best. In addition, by outsourcing non-core functions, a business can focus on its core services and improve overall efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance

During the business process documentation phase, Telegenisys process analysts focus on regulatory compliance as a priority. In consultation with the client, compliance is built into process documentation, training, and governance. BPO service providers with experience in developing solutions for a vertical market are often aware of regulatory compliance requirements.

Telegenisys’ Project Experiences

(Example Business Process Outsourcing Projects)

  1. Data entry and transaction processing teams
  2. Video and image analytics teams (sports and security video streams)
  3. GIS and Traffic engineering (map artifacts data entry)
  4. Service scheduling and logistics (locksmiths)
  5. Customer service contact center/call center
  6. Research and analysis functions (subscriber database appends)
  7. Content targeting and development (marketing support)
  8. Supply chain management (Inventory logistics)
  9. Payment processing and sales follow-up (order tracking)
  10. Front office services (Scheduling and insurance follow-up)
  11. Manufacturing Industry: Tech support for electronic products (Picture frames, Bluetooth headsets, etc.)


Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO)

  1. Medical Record Retrieval 
  2. Medical Chronologies and Medical Summaries 
  3. Medical Record Indexing and Organization
  4. Litigation Support Services

Domestic Outsourcing Services

Telegenisys has provisioned work from home agents and clerks to perform hybrid transaction processing. Commonly outsourced processes requiring same country staffing are customer support, transaction follow-up, and other customer-facing services.

Offshore Outsourcing / Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing is the practice of contracting services to a company or outsourcing provider located in close geographic proximity to the customer. The main benefit of nearshore outsourcing is that it provides cost-effective, high-quality services with the time zone and cultural familiarity of domestic (same country) outsourcing.

The main benefit of offshore outsourcing is cost savings. Often providers can lower prices because they are located in countries where the cost of living and wages are lower than in the United States. Additionally, many offshore outsourcers have state-of-the-art technology and business processes that allow them to provide services at a lower price than domestic outsourcers.

New and innovative services

Telegenisys has developed medical records software for medical record indexing, referencing, and chronologies. Using software-assisted medical chronologies and medical summaries Telegenisys delivers more detailed, more exhaustive, and superior medical reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the BPO industry?

The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is a subset of the global services industry. It encompasses the contracting of business processes and activities to third-party service providers. The BPO market includes contact centers, back-office processing, ITO, and other business services.

What is business process outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is subcontracting well-defined parts of business operations to third-party vendors. These subcontractors can be local, nearshore, or offshore companies that recruit or maintain infrastructure and teams.

What is a business process?

A business process is a set of business activities that are followed in order to achieve business goals. Business processes can be internal to the business or external business functions.

What is legal process outsourcing?

LPO is the business practice of subcontracting legal services to a third-party law firm or business.

What is customer service outsourcing?

Customer service outsourcing refers to providing customer support services through support channels including phone calls, email, and social media.

Is BPO a human resources solution for me?

Yes, business process outsourcing is a business solution for business owners and small businesses to focus on what they do best.

Is Telegenisys’ an external service provider?

Telegenisys is a business process outsourcing company. We provide a wide range of business process services to our clients, including IT-enabled services, customer service, back office processes, and legal process outsourcing to name a few.

What are the benefits of working with Telegenisys?

When you work with Telegenisys, you gain access to our team of skilled professionals who are up-to-date on the latest business processes and technologies. In addition, we provide a number of benefits to our clients, including cost savings, improved focus on performance metrics, legal compliance, business operations control, and more.

What does a third-party service provider do?

A third-party service provider is a business that provides goods or services to another business.

How do third-party service providers communicate and coordinate with client teams?

Third-party business process outsourcing service providers communicate and coordinate with client teams in a number of ways, including phone calls, email, Skype/Webex meetings. We also have onsite business analysts who are available to meet with your company’s team members regularly to ensure smooth business operations.

How do bpo companies protect client data?

Business process outsourcing companies protect client data by using business infrastructure that is compliant with business regulations, laws, and policies. We also use a number of security measures to protect sensitive information including encryption software, access control methods, firewalls, and more.

Will using a service provider deliver improved customer satisfaction?

Yes, business process outsourcing service providers have a team of skilled professionals who work to deliver improved business outcomes through business analysis, measurable performance metrics, and business strategies. By focused team management skills, a BPO provider can recruit talent more rapidly and deploy teams more effectively. BPO providers like Telegenisys often have teams of people focused on team launches. This can lead to improved team deployment within defined timeframes.

How do I get started with business process outsourcing?

Contact us by chat, email, or phone today to speak with a representative about your business needs. We will schedule a requirements specification specialist to start the process immediately.

What steps do BPO providers take to assure process quality?

BPO Vendors have quality assurance professionals for team development. From documentation, training, recruitment to performance evaluation, quality control metrics are inserted into the business process to assure performance. This systematic approach often improves the quality of service our clients are able to deliver using Telegenisys teams.

How long does it take to launch a team?

It typically depends on process complexity and the size of the team. Small teams can be deployed in days while others may take a month or more to launch. Telegenisys process development analysts can accurately determine the launch process and timeline.

Is it difficult to coordinate with an offshore BPO vendor?

Not if you work with business analysts who are trained in business operations control measures. Our business analysts have experience working with offshore providers, and they understand the complexities of remote work environments. We also provide business training to managers who need assistance in team management skills related to the control performance of remote teams (offshore or nearshore).

How do I find a BPO provider?

Telegenisys business analysts have experience working with business process outsourcing providers in the United States and abroad. Our business operations control measures give us a competitive advantage over other BPO companies.

Is Outsourcing Preferable to Vertical Integration?

Vertical integration is the process of integrating a company’s suppliers, distributors, and retail outlets in order to manage its supply chain, save money, and improve efficiency. However, vertical integration in practice is time-consuming and costly.

Companies use outsourcing to cut labor expenses, lower their running costs, and focus on the firm’s core functions.

Outsourcing is the most logical choice in situations where labor and capital costs are high, and it’s typically the ideal option for small companies unable to manage the high expenses associated with vertical integration. Vertical integration requires a substantial outlay of resources, especially at the start of the process.

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