Medical record indexing

healthcare record indexing

Medical record indexing is commonly used to access patient’s data faster. This allows the user to look up a small subset of the fields under bookmarks in PDF, which are stored in a sorted order and is used to find the actual data using the key.

Indexing makes it easier to organize large volumes of documents based on a specific category that would have otherwise required to search through each and every individual document to get the particular details of the disease condition. For example, if any healthcare professional/medical documentation specialist wants to check specific information on any life-threatening disease they will only need to click on the specific disease subset key, and they will get every information on that particular disease in one place.

Medical record indexing helps medical providers to know the historical treatment that the patient has received, the current status of the disease condition, and the way forward for the treatment that needs to be done.

At Telegenisys medical documentation specialist uses VMR (Visualize Medical Records) software output for the ease of access to all the information that they need quickly and easily in order to prepare error-free medico-legal summaries. VMR’s user-friendly indexing helps to locate the position of the specific medical record in files in a short span of time. This also saves time and effort to search the medical records, because they get indexed by medical events, by providers and provider types, and medical terms found in records. In VMR each medical record will be grouped with similar ones based on the keywords. VMR’s professional indexing software output can prevent treatment errors.

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