Healthcare provider services

Medical Provider Services

Telegenisys supports healthcare providers :

Since its incorporation in 1994 Telegenisys Inc. has served American businesses. While incorporated in Delaware the company’s primary offices are in California. Since 2006 the company has served a variety of healthcare providers including medical labs, chronic care service providers, medical practitioners, life insurance and legal firms. Due to its deep engagement in healthcare support the company is externally audited for HIPAA compliance annually and its data centers are ISO certified for quality and data security. Quality controls and data security mean that teams can deliver service with precision and speed while fully complying with HIPAA laws.

What we do for healthcare providers:

Front office

  • Patient Intake Information Verification
  • Request medical records from other providers
  • Review and post medical records into EMR accurately
  • Appointment scheduling, Reminders & reschedule requests
  • Insurance Verification & Preauthorization support
  • Customer service
  • Physician & procedure referrals
  • Clinical trial recruitment
  • Class registration

Back office

  • Billing and bill coding
  • Claim management/status
  • Insurance denial management
  • Receivables: Revenuer recovery/billing
  • Patient surveys
  • Lab/X-ray results outreach
  • Patient retention outreach
  • Transcription
  • Medical record cleaning & organization
Our expertise & work environment
  • All servers and data are in HIPAA compliant servers in the United States.
  • All Protected Health Information in our remote and US data centers is purged daily. Any data retention required is in encrypted servers in US service centers.
  • Data centers are paperless clean rooms with ISO 27001 data security compliance
  • Decades of experience in handling healthcare data with precision
  • Every employee signs a Zero Defects pledge to assure accuracy
  • Every process is engineered in detail to deliver excellence.
Cost effective
  • Pricing in our proposals is all inclusive and saves about 50% from US labor rates
  • Zero hidden cost layers, each proposal explicitly states this
  • Productivity and Service Level Agreement assure we deliver service at defined price points

Get in touch with us and we will rapidly do a feasibility, readiness, and ROI (Return on Investment) assessment for you immediately. We can typically send you a statement of work to provide you a profitable, sustainable, and scalable solution within a day. Within a few days you could have a team performing work at better service levels and a fraction of current cost. Click here to get the process moving.

Our services

Medical summary – 100+ formats

Medical summary – examples

Medical chronology – samples

Medical summary for life expectancy evaluations


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