Medical Summaries

Our medical summary professionals have produced over 100 report formats and customize medical data to look perfectly meaningful and presented exactly as you want it.  We do this in record time and with precision.  Our free trial ensures you will be happy with our services.  Select the type of industry you are in below and we will customize your view of our offerings.

Medical Chronology & Documents for Legal use

Medical chronology supported by annotated or narrative summaries.  Pain and suffering assessments. Transcription & deposition summaries. Document preparation and record analysis are just some of our services.

Life & Medical Insurance

Underwriting and claims support with hyperlinked precision medical summaries and chronologies to make insurance support processes rapid and effective while reducing costs.  Our medical professionals review and quality control our products.

Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals

Medical assessment and pharma. support with record cleaning, organization and summaries.  Our products are developed to help doctors and industry professionals collect data from diverse sources and integrate it into comprehensive summaries.

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