Clinical data extraction

Clinical data extraction
Telegenisys team aids in the extraction and processing of medical data for a variety of uses. The primary use of extraction is to prevent information overload and help in understanding the data or updating the database used in providing medical care or research.

Some data extraction we are involved in:

  • Data Input of Labs for a Diabetes treatment group.
  • Data Organization for Stage 4 Cancer Patients by report type.
  • Building databases for cancer research.
  • De-identification of data using Expert Determination / Safe Harbor rules.

Our doctors and nurses guide specialized extraction projects for relevance in:

  • Underwriting Life Insurance
  • Extracting Pathology results
  • Grouping and classifying patients by treatment

For Medical / Pharma Research:

  • Extraction of bulk electronic medical record data
  • Processing of clinical notes and reports
  • Data transfer (Extraction & Input) from one system to another
  • Extraction & Input of complex clinical variables into care systems

We have also developed suggested processes for complying with federal regulations and state law that may be helpful in justifying your request for a HIPAA consent waiver. To this end we help de-identify PHI based on “Safe Harbor” rules to allow its propogation. In some cases we can use “Expert Determination” rules provided by client experts.

Data Management and Extraction for EHR systems.

Telegenisys can help you migrate to a replacement EHR and archive data in your existing/legacy EHR. Whatever the reasons for remove the EHR, we can assist with Data Extraction, Conversion, Archival and Analysis.
Telegenisys’s EHR data team help hospitals and clinics replace EHR systems without losing historical information.

Process of EHR Replacement

  • Define current data and move it to new EHR system
  • Archive other patient data required
  • Remove and destroy unnecessary or obsolete data
  • Provide easy access to patient and other EHR data

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