Chronological sorting

Sourcing, classifying, and evaluating data and information and using the same for improving business processes and decision making is a daily routine for most businesses. However, a lot more effort and time is required when the sourced data and information is made available in a raw form. As a business owner or manager, if you are having similar issues, we recommend you give us a call. We are leading providers of business process outsourcing services and one of our core competencies is chronological sorting services.

We believe we can help you with your chronological sorting needs since we are well equipped with the most advanced technological tools, have relevant domain expertise and utilize the best available human skills and talents. Some of the critical resources that have allowed us to provide top quality chronological sorting services include OCR systems (Optical Character Recognition), on-screen data capture tools, high capacity scanners and printers, multiple leased lines, high capacity power back-up systems, and a mini power generation unit.

Another critical advantage that we can provide is optimal security for your confidential data and information. At Telegenisys Inc., we have developed a highly secure work environment that’s virtually tamper-proof. Here’s an overview.

Offline security

  • Advanced Biometric and Electronic systems for preventing unauthorized access
  • Heavy duty paper shredders and recycling systems for removing all physical traces
  • Manual checking of all agents for preventing data theft through removable electronic storage devices such as Flash Drives, Cell phones, External HDDs, etc.
  • Offline Security can add cameras

Online security

  • Secure FTP downloads and uploads
  • PGP encryption
  • Failsafe log systems that record every keystroke and all files accessed by agents
  • Automated, intelligent systems that can detect unauthorized intrusions and data transfer

If you wish to test the quality and efficiency of our chronological sorting services, we recommend you to start with a small sample work and then if you like, we can work towards implementing bigger projects.

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