Medical record retrieval support

Medical record retrieval support

Telegenisys has supported medical record retrieval process for many acquisition companies for decades. Processing over 60,000 requests per month, the teams deployed have experience and ability to rapidly and accurately process requests, support the process with excellent fee negotiations skills, follow-ups, records processing, sorting and summarizing and finally delivering in a secure HIPAA compliant environment to requestors.

Processing Requests:

Our services work on SLAs, processing requests in hours to keep turn around times aggressive. Many of our insurance carrier SLAs require that we completely process requests by entering all the data required, inserting special instructions and request specifics, validating all elements of HIPAA compliance including authorization validity (dates, signatures, information scope etc.) within one hour. Typically, we can process requests within minutes of receipt so that medical providers are able to process them faster.

Calling Medical Facilities for Copy Fees and follow up

The volume of calls we handle means we know medical providers, copy services and state by state copy fee laws. We can negotiate fees, follow up on outstanding requests and collect medical records as rapidly as possible. Telegenisys staff has experience and ability to shorten cycle times.

Processing Medical Records

Telegenisys provides services for database entry, scanning, chronological sorting, organizing and summarizing medical records. We provide high quality summaries for a variety of special purposes. For more information on medical summaries.

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