Telegenisys Releases Whitepaper on Accelerating Research with VMR Technology

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Fairfield, California, USA, 12 July 2023 – Telegenisys, a leading provider of data extraction and analytics solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated whitepaper titled “Accelerating Research: The Power of VMR Technology.” This comprehensive whitepaper delves into the innovative capabilities of Telegenisys’ Visualize Medical Records (VMR) technology and its profound impact on research studies.

The whitepaper offers valuable insights into the elements of retrospective data planning, simplifying medical data collection with a HIPAA compliant portal, optimizing medical data extraction and analysis for research sites, visualizing medical data with advanced graphics and analytics, and the superior study results achieved through Telegenisys’ amazing medical technology.

“We are excited to share our whitepaper, which highlights the transformative potential of VMR technology in research studies,” said Mark Merani, CEO of Telegenisys. “With VMR, researchers can unlock the power of comprehensive data referencing, streamlined data collection, advanced analytics, and visualizations. This whitepaper serves as a guide for researchers seeking to accelerate their research and achieve data-driven conclusions.”

You can download a copy of the whitepaper at this URL: The whitepaper offers valuable insights and practical applications of VMR technology for enhancing research outcomes.

Telegenisys remains committed to advancing research and empowering researchers with cutting-edge solutions. By leveraging VMR technology, researchers can gain a competitive edge, enhance data comprehension, and accelerate their research efforts.

About Telegenisys

Telegenisys is a leading provider of data extraction, analytics, and research solutions. With a focus on empowering researchers and organizations with transformative technologies, Telegenisys is revolutionizing the way data is extracted, referenced, and analyzed. Through strategic collaborations and a commitment to innovation, Telegenisys strives to make a significant impact in various domains, including medical research, healthcare, and information management.

Media Contact

Sean Madison
Telegenisys Inc.
+1 844-903-0777

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