Telegenisys expands personal injury support team

life care plan

Get detailed life care plans and cost assessments for personal injury clients.

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 29, 2022 — Telegenisys has added a team with clinical life care planning and a physical therapy specialist, expanding the team of professionals for detailed cost assessments for personal injury cases.

Telegenisys appointed Siva Pavan Athipatla as their new medical record services manager. With over five years of experience in the medical-legal field, Siva brings extensive knowledge and expertise in medical record analytics and future cost assessment for the medical-legal domain to his new role at Telegenisys. In this position, he will be responsible for developing and implementing client services for Personal injury law firms, physicians at clinics, and certified life care planners. With his impressive credentials and wealth of experience in the field, Siva will undoubtedly significantly contribute to Telegenisys’ client success story.

Telegenisys also appointed Ambreen Zaidi, Assistant Manager of medical record services at Telegenisys. She was a Medical Report Writer/Life care plans for a US healthcare company and brought over ten years of experience to the team. In her role, she oversees the creation and future cost assessments for life care plans for U.S. healthcare organizations and assists with various other medical summary/chronology and underwriting duties. Ms. Zaidi is a highly skilled professional with many years of experience in the field and is dedicated to helping Telegenisys clients achieve their goals. She is also a doctor with clinical experience.

This expansion will allow the company to expand life care planning services, including medical and rehabilitation costs and costs related to home modifications, ambulation/mobility, lost income, and other expenses. This expansion in the team increases the breadth and depth of the services offered to help attorneys, insurance adjusters and injury clinics assess the long-term costs of personal injury while providing their clients with detailed life care plans to address quality of life issues after injury.

The life care planners work with physicians and other health professionals to create detailed life care plans for each client’s case. With this expansion, Telegenisys will now extend this service to help additional personal injury lawyers win larger settlements for their clients.

Life care plan services assist plaintiffs and defense attorneys in data analysis, research, and objective patient assessments. You can get a comprehensive document that lists a plaintiff’s current and anticipated future medical needs and costs, giving a complete and extensively indexed accounting of the costs. The timeline indexes clearly show the before and after picture of the client’s health and overall lifestyle.

A life care plan develops a clear picture of future medical and supportive care needs to minimize the impact on the injured party’s quality of life. With a life care plan, our clients start with a clear advantage in negotiations with the opposing counsel driving a quick and appropriate settlement for injury cases.

Telegenisys offers legal support for workers’ compensation claims, civil litigation, mediation, and discharge planning services. These services make Telegenisys a one-stop solution for personal injury support needs. With decades of experience in the industry, Telegenisys is poised to help attorneys drive the best outcome possible for injury cases.

About Telegenisys

Telegenisys Inc. is a Delaware company with primary offices in Fairfield, California. The company operates on two continents, with a second office in Pune, India. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed the most advanced software-assisted medical summary process, so our SLAs can be as little as 24 hours. We provide technology services and support, delivering value, precision, and reliable results. No matter the business process, Telegenisys is ISO certified to identify client-relevant performance elements, including quality, security, and productivity, to develop a sustainable outsourcing model. Telegenisys is audited annually by third party auditors for HIPAA compliance. We have also developed a mature service delivery model. The primary purpose of the Telegenisys team is to create simpler ways to understand and measure business outcomes.

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