New Demand letter services for personal injury law firms

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Get maximum and well-deserved settlement amounts with our persuasive and accurate demand letters.

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 22, 2023 — Telegenisys announces new demand letter services for personal injury law firms. With this new service, law firms can save time and money, and increase efficiency in their workflow. The demand letter services help make the attorney clients more effective in negotiating higher settlements because they are comprehensive, and clear and factual references substantiate all assertions. This way, the attorney clients work more effectively with minimal cost commitment.

This new service will help attorneys send more persuasive letters to defendants to start legal negotiations and resolve disputes without going to court. The demand letter is often quite effective in getting a client to take your invoice seriously. If the dispute goes to litigation, you will have a detailed outline of all circumstances leading to non-payment. With this information, you can build a stronger case against the opposing party and increase your chances of receiving payment.

Demand letters are an essential part of any personal injury case and can often decide whether or not a party decides to settle. Telegenisys knows how to craft a persuasive message yet maintains a strong moral, practical, and legal justification. With Telegenisys’ help, personal injury law firms can improve their chances of winning in court and receiving the compensation they deserve.

Telegenisys aims to provide clear, well-structured, and complete information to help your case stand out from the competition. The team is also experienced in describing injuries in detail, including their type and extent. You can get information on the claimant’s medical treatments and specifics of past, present, and future medical costs and income losses. In addition, they can describe the incident along with available photos, an overview of the ailments brought on by the injuries, and a breakdown of the medical bills and costs. With the services from Telegenisys, you can win your case and receive the settlement compensation you deserve.

Telegenisys medical specialists have 15 years of combined experience in personal injury and will provide detailed information in the letters to ensure successful negotiations.

About Telegenisys

Telegenisys Inc. is a Delaware company with primary offices in Fairfield, California. The company operates on two continents, with a second office in Pune, India. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed the most advanced software-assisted medical summary process, so our SLAs can be as little as 24 hours. We provide technology services and support, delivering value, precision, and reliability superior results. No matter the business process, Telegenisys is ISO-certified and HIPAA-compliant to identify client-relevant performance elements, including quality, security, and productivity, to develop a sustainable outsourcing model. We have also developed a mature service delivery model engineered to deliver ZERO DEFECTS. The primary purpose of the Telegenisys team is to create simpler ways to understand and measure medical outcomes.

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