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Press Releases

Telegenisys Helps Move Real Estate into the Cloud Brokerage

Fairfield, CA – March 28, 2017 – Telegenisys Inc. (http://www.telegenisys.com) announced today new services to help real estate firms move to new platforms. Read more


Telegenisys Data Center certified for ISO 9001, 27001 and HIPAA compliance

FAIRFIELD, California. – March 2, 2017 – Telegenisys announced today that its operations have been audited for and received certifications for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2005 and HIPAA compliance. Telegenisys continuously monitors, evaluates and updates the quality and security of all its client and administrative operations. Read more


Telegenisys Upgrades Indian Facilities

Fairfield, CA: 16th January 2017 – Telegenisys Inc. has moved its data center in India to high end commercial infrastructure space in the East Court building next to Phoenix Center in Viman Nagar Pune. Read more

 Telegenisys Data Center Achieved ISO 27001:2005

Fairfield, CA: January 20th, 2015 – Telegenisys Inc. is committed to securing client data to the highest standards.  Towards this goal of security assurance Telegenisys Data Operations Center was granted ISO 27001 certification. Read more

 Telegenisys Data Center Achieved ISO 9001:2008

Fairfield, CA: January 18th, 2015 – Telegenisys Inc. is committed to delivering the highest quality standards possible. Towards this goal of quality assurance Telegenisys Data Operations Center was granted ISO 9001 certification. Read more

 Telegenisys Data Center Audited for HIPAA Rule Compliance

Fairfield, CA: January 27th, 2015 – Telegenisys Inc. is committed to securing client data to the highest standards. Towards this goal of security assurance Telegenisys Data Operations Center was audited for conformance with HIPAA (Health Information and Portability Act of America). Read more

 HIPAA Compliance in an Outsourced Environment

Fairfield, CA: January 10th, 2017  – Over the past decade Telegenisys has verified the correctness of over a ten million pages of healthcare records to ensure that the specialists employed by clients have exactly the right information on hand to properly handle each case. Read more

 Telegenisys Inc. Augments Security At Its Offshore Outsourcing Center

Fairfield, CA: August 23, 2008 – One of the leading providers of business process outsourcing services, Telegenisys Inc. recently initiated an organization-wide drive to augment security at its offshore development facility. Read more

 Telegenisys Inc. Volunteers To Reduce It’s Carbon Footprint

Fairfield, CA: June 24, 2008 – Telegenisys Inc, a leading provider of business process outsourcing services, recently announced plans to reduce it’s carbon footprint. Read more

 Telegenisys Makes Further Inroads Into The B2B Telemarketing Domain

Fairfield, CA: May 15, 2008 – Already counted amongst the leading providers of B2B telemarketing services, Telegenisys Inc. has recently made further inroads in this particular domain footprint. Read more

 Market Research Outsourcing (MRO) – The New Growth Driver

Fairfield, CA: April 29, 2008 – With market research outsourcing (MRO) volume slated to reach a staggering $ 800 million by the year 2011-2012, Telegenisys Inc.. expects that this sector will become one of the primary growth drivers for the outsourcing industry in the next few years. Read more

 Troubled SMEs To Create More Outsourcing Demand – Says Telegenisys Inc.

Fairfield, CA: April 13, 2008 – Global downturn, precipitated by the US subprime crisis may be making things difficult for businesses worldwide, but there are still plenty of reasons to smile, especially for the business process outsourcing industry in India. Read more

 Telegenisys Releases Report on Medical Records Industry

Fairfield, CA: March 19, 2008 – It requires great political will to change an existing system, but it seems that things are moving along this time around without the usual protests. Read more


About Telegenisys Inc.

Telegenisys Inc., is one of the leading providers of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, offering a wide range of back office, customer care & support and telemarketing outsourcing solutions to clients worldwide. Aided by world-class infrastructure, business competencies, domain knowledge & expertise and a dedicated group of highly skilled and trained professionals, we are able to provide the highest quality outsourcing services to clients.

Our core competencies include services such as customer care & support, B2C & B2B telemarketing, data entry & data conversion, content development, accounting and financial services, tax consultancy, medical records retrieval, market research, Data Creation and Management, document scanning & sorting, infomercial sales services, and insurance claims.

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