Telegenisys announces a new medical malpractice tool to find conflicting medical opinions in medical records

Chronology by provider type

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 22, 2021 –Telegenisys, a medical record services provider today announced a new feature designed to help healthcare professionals and personal injury lawyers find conflicting medical opinions. The new feature, that will allow users to categorically sort medical events by provider type (Taxonomy/provider specialty). Hence allowing them to quickly and easily find conflicting medical opinions in a patient’s medical record.

We are excited to announce this new feature in Visualize Medical Records (VMR). We believe that it will help healthcare professionals and personal injury lawyers to make better decisions for their patients or clients,” said Mark Merani, CEO, Telegenisys Inc.

Medical professionals and personal injury lawyers are often tasked with the responsibility of uncovering conflicting medical opinions that result from physician miscommunication or conflicting assessments. A conflicting opinion can lead to lengthy disputes between patients and their practitioners and can even result in personal injury lawsuits.

In the healthcare industry, conflicting medical opinions can not only cost a lot of time and money but can also negatively impact patient care.

In response to conflicting medical opinions, many personal injury lawyers have been known to request copies of all physician notes from hospital visits in order to uncover conflicting assessments. Medical records are often requested by personal injury lawyers in order to help their clients determine if a conflicting diagnosis has happened. Medical records are often requested by personal injury lawyers so that they can find conflicting medical opinions and use them for a case to present to the court.

Personal injury lawyers and healthcare professionals can now search and discover conflicting medical opinions conveniently and easily using Telegenisys’ Visualize Medical Records (VMR) software. Telegenisys’ Visualize Medical Records (VMR) is a medical record analytics software that vastly increases the speed of detailed review of medical information. The Visualize Medical Records (VMR) software allows for categorizing medical events by provider type (Taxonomy/provider specialty) so the user can view each event from chronologically arranged medical events by provider type. (See image: Chronology by provider type)

For example, if many cardiologists may offer their medical opinions in a patient record VMR makes review simple. By looking at all cardiologist notes without having to search for them a reviewer can quickly grasp the opinions of the cardiologists. Conflicting opinions are therefore exposed quickly without the massive effort it takes to do this manually.

I am very excited about this latest addition to Telegenisys’ Visualize Medical Records (VMR). It is our mission at Telegenisys to provide the best quality software for our customers and we will continue to develop even more advanced features in the future,” said Henry Cobb, VP, Telegenisys Inc.

About Telegenisys

Telegenisys Inc. is a Delaware company with primary offices in Fairfield, California. The company operates on two continents with a second office in Pune, India. This company has worked with medical records for over 15 years and works on over 2 Million medical record pages per year. The company is composed of a variety of medical personnel and data scientists. The primary purpose of the company is to develop simpler ways to understand and measure medical outcomes. Having easy to visualize medical referencing as a core goal, Telegenisys produces medical chronologies, medical summaries, life expectancy abstracts, custom data extraction, and a wider variety of legal, insurance, pharma, and healthcare reports research users. From genomics to life expectancy, our work with medical records is precise, and Telegenisys’ software-assisted services are unparalleled.

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