Geocoding Geographic Information System Support for USA

Telegenisys geographic Information system support

Telegenisys has been providing geographic information system support (GIS) for traffic studies and road mapping since 2012.

Origin-destination studies

When planning for the impact of new projects it is not sufficient to just list down the existing traffic on each road. Clients need hard evidence of how the road network around their proposed developments actually works to rebut anecdotal reports. Telegenisys agents have carefully tracked road traffic through tens of millions of aerial photographs, tracing each vehicle from its entry through its exit from the road network of interest. Our clients can show exact impacts at precise times of the day.

Digital street models

Telegenisys has produced lane accurate models for over fifty thousand miles of American roads. This isn’t just “modeling” the road as a line on a map. These models include lane-specific restrictions such as high occupancy vehicles, no trucks, no turn on a red light, these two lanes are dedicated turning lanes and this third lane is an optional turning lane, and so on. When combined with traffic counts and behavioral models these produce living simulations of how the road networks actually work. Having a precise digital map of the planned parking lot is nice, but it’s vital to show how this will impact on the existing road network.

Leveraging local traffic engineering expertise

Telegenisys does not have transportation engineers with detailed knowledge of local conditions, regulations, and guidelines. We support these rare highly skilled professionals by loading real-world data into the tools they use. We do this their way, on their schedules, and at very affordable rates. Contact us today to get your engineering project back on track.

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