Wages are going up, how’s your productivity?

Wages are going up, how is your productivity

CNN Business reports that wages next year will see their “highest expected annual jump in 15 years,” [1]and this is on top of inflation and interest rate shocks. In order to remain competitive small to medium-sized businesses need to increase the productivity of their employees without major investments of time or money.

Since 1994 Telegenisys has been delivering the inputs our clients require in exactly the formats their employees are used to seeing. These employees then have the information they need to apply their own expertise, and the reduction in their wasted or rework time makes them more productive. They are also more satisfied with their jobs because they get to do more with the skills they’ve built up over the years.

We’re able to provide these services cost-effectively because we leverage tailored automation and precisely trained and monitored offshore labor. One example is the medical record collection and data extraction processes we originally built to help pharmaceutical research that we now also apply to produce medical summaries and chronologies for life insurance and litigation support. Each client gets exactly the format they are used to seeing, with less effort on their part to specify and produce these inputs.

As you reflect on your plans for the next year, take a moment to contact us and see how we can help your business as we have so many others in such diverse fields as travel, hospitality, urban planning, marketing, and so many more over the decades.

[1] : https://lite.cnn.com/en/article/h_0550cf79d20f105736a26eb3de8b3c5e

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