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Telegenisys has provided outsourcing solutions for almost 3 decades.  We often help our clients understand the logistic aspects of outsourcing to help ensure their success. This blog is developed to help companies considering outsourcing with tools and discussions on developing reliable results with outsourcing. We have developed tools and resources to help people interested in outsourcing to organize their approach to the logistics of business process outsourcing.   We love feedback that improves this effort and welcome it, so please feel free to provide your critique, comments and suggestions.  Thank you for your interest.

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Google’s big fib on ebook portability

Google’s big fib on ebook portability

GizmoCrunch writes: The Google eBook ecosystem will be accessible to smartphones, tablets, PCs and even web browsers, leaving it open to the majority of the public unlike other alternative such as Amazon store’s eBooks which mainly run on the Amazon Kindle only.The...

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