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Telegenisys’s software aims to make it easier for physicians and medical professionals to share, compare and organize their patient’s medical records. Analysis can be done by symptom, disease, or cohort.

Telegenisys is able to do amazing things with medical metadata. Once we organize a file using our software (Visualize Medical Records) VMR a medical file is converted into a database that can be used for medical reviews.

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Medical analytics can be challenging when data is originating from a variety of EHR systems with different capabilities. Our software normalizes the data to enable comparison. Our software has already been used in genomics consultations, rare disease studies, and various business applications.

VMR software is unique, offering the only choice in organized data extraction rapidly and with the precision needed in medical sciences. Our output comes as unified, digitized, bookmarked, indexed pdfs. We don’t just stop at a visually organized medical record, we also provide structured data which can be imported into analytics software or you can use our own tools to look at medical data in a spreadsheet or database.

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Clinical data extraction

VMR saves time while improving precision. Data extraction teams don’t have to deal with multiple files for every participant, instead, one digitized file provides full data access and analytics. In a 15 minute demo, we can show you the power of medical data visualization and help you evaluate our solution.

Medical metadata, once visualized and organized using our tools, can be used for all sorts of things like predictive analytics. We convert this information into databases that are analyzed by our specialized software to create graphs and charts that show trends over time.

Medical summary report

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