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medical summaries

Telegenisys produces precision Medical Summaries for:

  • Improved healthcare delivery
  • Life and medical insurance
  • Legal professions
  • Pharma Research
  • Medical Labs and Pathology
  • Custom formats including specialized data extraction

Due to our deep engagement in healthcare delivery support, we have medical professionals from a variety of specializations available to review, organize and supervise data extraction and summary creation. Telegenisys has doctors and nurses available to support medical records summary staff when needed. This makes us far superior to other summary providers who rely on transcription staff or medical case reviewers without a medical background.

Telegenisys Medical Summaries

At Telegenisys, our APS department is focused on ZERO defects pledge signed by our summary creation staff. Accuracy, consistency, and turnaround time are vital performance parameters that we engineer and deliver on for every client.

Highly trained medical professionals are available to review and provide expert opinions if required. Our team of trained paramedical professionals are frequently tested to maintain competence and ensure accuracy. Each member is an expert in data extraction, organization, and creation of Annotative, Narrative or Analytical summaries of medical record information.

Our HIPAA compliance process audits and checklists ensure that PHI (protected health information) is safely isolated, reported and the local copies deleted after summary creation. Telegenisys has been handling sensitive PHI for more than a decade.

Our QMS (Quality Management System) is ISO 9001 certified. This means we follow stringent guidelines to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Tiered checklist system starts with a self-check by the person creating the summary. All summaries are reviewed by process auditors and if required by medical professionals.

Telegenisys has developed a variety of medical summary formats that clients can select from. We also frequently create new custom formats when client requirements indicate that. Generally, the medical summaries we produce can be:

  • Chronological
  • Categorized by Disease or Chronic Conditions
  • Specific Disease of Incident Analysis
  • Life Certificates for Life Underwriting use
  • Categorized by Medical Billing Codes

Each of these can be presented as:
1) Comprehensive
2) Annotative
3) Narrative
4) Analytical
5) Abbreviated

Super Simple Delivery of Summaries
We deliver Medical Summaries in the format of client’s choice. We can provide “Instant Reference Format” where the summary is hyperlinked to the patient record. Users can move back and forth reviewing summary and the relevant portion of the medical record for rapid understanding of context. The summaries we produce can be editable in word-processing programs or non-editable using acrobat pdf files. For applications that require a direct data connection to a client database, we have provided xml interchange of summary data, so it can be delivered rapidly in volume.

Rapid Turnaround Time
Summaries are generally turned-around within 2 business days. Urgent and custom SLA work is done within 6-12 hours of request.

Our Data Centers are HIPAA compliant (externally audited), ISO 27001 compliant with data security and our Quality Management System is ISO 9001 compliant. Data is never stored offshore, all PHI storage is on HIPAA compliant servers in the United States.

We can scale to your needs with planned experienced staffing ready to handle your work with precision and speed.

Medical Review
If selected our healthcare specialists (Doctors & Nurses) can provide record and summary review to ensure that data summarized is meaningful for underwriting purposes.

Audited hipaa compliance
iso 9001 certified company in USA
iso 27001 certified company
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