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medical record summary

At Telegenisys, we help organize medical data and provide a comprehensive summary of a patient’s medical records in a concise and structured format. With our summary reporting, medical narratives become easier to read and understand by healthcare professionals, thus improving patient care, enhancing communication between healthcare and providers, and reducing the risk of medical errors.

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Rapid Review Examples

Our sophisticated software is designed to dissect medical records and organize information into chronological events regardless of the scan quality of the records. Featuring a Rapid Review Display, the Telegenisys event engine is programmed with:

  • 5.4 million healthcare providers in the NPI Index maintained by
  • Entire healthcare specialty (taxonomy) database used by
  • Complete, accurate, and updated ICD 10&9 billing code for medical condition displays
  • Complete, accurate, and updated drug list approved by the FDA
  • Complete, accurate, and updated medical abbreviation from reputable medical textbooks, journals, and references

Reviewing and assessment of medical records has never been this fast and simple! Our system is built with an exhaustive date referencing tool and allows dual referencing using bookmarks for quick referencing.

Custom Formatting of Medical Review Summaries

For consistent and comprehensive data representation, our underwriting support group creates custom formats according to clients’ preferences. Through Telegenisys, we present medical data in a variety of formats and file types, enabling your underwriters to analyze medical records fast and accurately. Our medical reviewers are knowledgeable in reading and presenting APS, lab results, radiology risk observations, and more.

Some of the formats that we can produce and, thus, help you with your medical records summary services include:

  • Life Underwriting
  • Claims Support
  • Billing Review & Audit
  • Cost Containment Audits

How Telegenisys Helps with Medical Records Summary Services

At Telegenisys, we make medical data recording and summary reporting as smooth and seamless as possible. We work with medical professionals from different specializations to review, organize, and supervise data extraction and summary creation, enabling us to produce accurate results every time. This makes us a better choice than other summary providers who rely on transcription staff or medical case reviewers without a medical background.

Our comprehensive and accurate medical record summary services are useful in many situations, including:

  • Improved healthcare operations
  • Life and medical insurance
  • Medical and pharmaceutical research
  • Medical laboratories and pathology
  • Specialized data extraction
  • Legal cases and proceedings

Our Medical Records Summary Solutions

At Telegenisys, we take pride in providing excellence in quality deliverance and reaching the ZERO defects goal. For every client, we make sure to meet essential performance criteria, including accuracy, consistency, and quick turnaround time. Below are the inclusions of our medical records summary services:

Data Sorting and Organization

We extract raw data and organize them accordingly to produce annotative, narrative, and analytical summaries of medical records data. All medical details and events are sorted chronologically to make accessing information quick and easy.

Medical Record Indexing

We index medical data according to specific criteria and categories so that it becomes easier to navigate through tons of medical information. This involves the proper arrangement of data in categories, subcategories, and hyperlinks to the source document.

Quality Check and Review

Through the help of highly qualified medical specialists and paramedical experts, we undergo regular testing to maintain proficiency and guarantee the accuracy of our medical reports. We ensure that our medical records summaries are accurate and comprehensive for whatever purpose they may serve.

Custom Formatting

We develop and produce summaries in a variety of formats that clients can select from. Depending on their needs and requests, our medical record summaries can be arranged and presented:

  • Chronologically
  • Categorized by Disease or Chronic Conditions
  • Specific Disease of Incident Analysis
  • Life Certificates for Life Underwriting Use
  • Categorized by Medical Billing Codes

Each of these can be presented as:

  • Comprehensive
  • Annotative
  • Narrative
  • Analytical
  • Abbreviated

Why Choose Our Medical Records Summary Services?

Quick and Simple Delivery

We deliver medical summaries in the format of your choice, whether PDF or .doc file. For applications that require a direct data connection to a client database, we can provide a .xml interchange of summary data, so it can be delivered rapidly in volume.

Rapid Turnaround Time

After the request, we typically generate and release the medical summaries within two (2) business days. Urgent and custom SLA work is done within 6 to 12 hours upon request.

Compliant and Confidential

Our data centers are HIPAA compliant. Our data security is ISO 27001 certified, while our Quality Management System is ISO 9001 certified. We don’t store data offshore. All our PHI storage systems are on HIPAA-compliant servers in the United States.

Scalable Solutions

For large business operations, we can scale our medical records summary services to your needs through the help of advanced systems and experienced staff ready to handle your work with precision and speed.

Medical Review for Underwriting Purposes

We have healthcare specialists, including doctors and nurses, who can provide record and summary reviews to ensure that the data summarized is accurate and meaningful for underwriting purposes.


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