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Our medical summaries are customized to suit the specific needs of a client and can be formatted for different applications with over 100 different format types. Each medical summary reference is hyperlinked and delivered into a unified PDF file. We provide custom medical summaries for insurance, pharma, healthcare, and legal applications.

You can have confidence in knowing that your case will be presented in the best possible light when it’s time to make important decisions.

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Medical summary examples

Medical summaries are almost always customized to client needs. We develop formats based on specific applications. These samples illustrate some general examples of summaries with over 100 types of summaries produced. We offer these only as examples for ideas you may explore. When delivered each medical summary is referenced into the medical file for each extracted medical event by source page.

Medical summary – Condition specific – example 01

Condition specific summaries are used for a case and patient evaluations. They show medical conditions affecting the patient displaying both diagnosis and treatment. Summaries include treatment plans for evaluation and provide a view of inter-related conditions, medication use, pain studies, pathology review, lab result chronologies, and other case-specific data.

Medical summary – Deep document reference – example 56

Deep document references are used for legal uses when conclusions must be sourced back to original document sources highlighting if any records appear to be missing. The dense tabular layout of such summaries requires more careful review as data is laid out with additional columns. These summaries are suitable for litigation and sometimes used in medical research.

Medical summary – Disability specific – example 64

Disability-specific summaries outline the nature of the disability, its causes, the method of diagnosis, treatment history, and future treatment plans. These summaries are used in claim management, claim litigation, malpractice action among other uses. Disability summaries are one of the common formats our client’s request. Any of these samples can be customized for specific use.

Medical summary – Malpractice incident – example 93

Malpractice incident(s) summaries outline the cause of the injury and its consequences on the patient. They detail the event based on a micro timeline of the incident followed by a condition summary and the impact of the injury so that legal and insurance evaluation is well informed. While focused on one incident we study the entire medical record to display the full impact of the injury.

Medical summary – Narrative tabular- example 18

Narrative summaries are used to build upon medical events explaining all components of a medical intervention. Covering cause, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, prescription, lab results, radiology and treatment plans, these summaries explain to legal professionals and other non-medical professionals the nature of the events cohesively. Narrative summaries tell a story of patient event chronology.

Medical summary – Condition referenced – Example 32

Condition referenced summaries display a deep reference view of medical conditions. When dealing with injury these summaries are indispensable in evaluating cost based on icd billing codes, correlated references to radiology, labs, therapy, surgery and other condition related medical events.

Other types of summaries and medical data extraction

We perform custom data extraction on specific use medical records for insurance, pharma, healthcare, and legal applications. We generate pain indication studies, impairment studies among a broad variety of custom data extractions. Reach out to us and we will be happy to evaluate your need and generate a free sample of work for you.

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