Patient intake information verification

Patient Intake Information Verification

Patient Intake is unarguably the most crucial part of any medical service provider’s patient interaction processes. Telegenisys offers excellent Patient Intake Information Verification services to help doctors and healthcare providers leave the clutter of paperwork. Improve your patient registration process and delight your front office staff as well as patients with our dynamic and valuable services.

Simplify your patient registration operations by removing the duplicate steps from your patient registration cycle. Leave all the paperwork to Telegenisys’s experienced team and get the best services ever.


Practice efficiency from the start


  • Set your practice up for success

Enjoy streamlined and straightforward patient registration with our patient intake information verification services.

  • Reduce errors

Telegenisys offers accurate patient intake services to give you accurate data about your patient avoiding errors and enabling faster processing of claims.

  • Get paid faster

Enjoy efficient claim processing and get faster payments for all insurance claims as the information being entered is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

More satisfied patients

  • Reduce the stress of medical visits

Your patients will feel more comfortable by filling up all necessary forms and signing essential documents prior to the appointment as it is time saving and accelerates the overall process.

  • Improve overall patient experience

Handwritten forms feel as if you’re decrypting a secret code. Isn’t it? So, expedite your front desk processes and transition to paperless patient records. Delivering an aesthetically pleasing output and a smooth process experience to the patients automatically sets you apart from the crowd.

Faster reimbursements with less effort

  • With accurate patient demographics

Telegenisys’ patient intake information verification services work in accordance with common data collection standards and guidelines to improve the consistency of patient demographics.

  • Insurance information prior to the appointment

The tool allows entering insurance information before the appointment and enables resolving the insurance-related issues on time.

  • Reduce claim rejections & denials

Check insurance claim eligibility beforehand and reduce any rejections or denials that may slow down the reimbursement process.

Accurate Input

  • Experienced in entering demographics

Telegenisys offers a comprehensive package of rapid and efficient services through a skilled and experienced team in entering patient demographics. You can get a quick insight into your patient’s data in a fraction of a second.

  • Basic insurance information

In the digital era, nobody wants to fill up long questionnaires that ask for unnecessary information. Telegenisys patient intake forms ask for the basic insurance information only.

  • Emergency contact(s)

Patient Intake Information Verification form asks to include emergency contact details of the patient. Here, it requires filling up the name, phone number, and address details of the person(s) who might be contacted in case of an emergency.

  • Payment information

The patient intake form will ask for payment information. The payment details are protected in secured databases at a remote location.

  • Pharmacy

The form will ask to fill up pharmacy related information with details of the medication that the patient might be taking at the time of his visit to the doctor.

  • Referral source

If the patient is referred by another person, your registered patient, or any other healthcare provider, it can mention the referral source in the patient intake information verification form.

Pre-Validate insurance information

Pre-validate insurance to reduce and avoid denials by resolving issues before the patient visit. Having the patient’s insurance details ahead of time will allow you to verify his/her eligibility. Any insurance concerns or questions can be resolved right on time before the appointment.

Email Invitation For Patient Intake

Upon creating an appointment, we will send an email invitation to the patients to complete the intake forms prior to the visit. It saves a lot of time and ensures filling in up-to-date and complete information. You can save a remarkable amount of wait time per patient.

Flexibility With Forms And Documents

Provide us a full package, and we will adjust it to patient types and providers. You can simply upload or customize necessary documentation along with the form. It will allow you to get the essential documents signed electronically before the patient visit.

  • Reminders to complete patient intake

Telegenisys’ patient intake verification services will send automatic reminders to track patient submission and inform the patient to complete the patient intake form.

  • Digital consent form

Get digital signatures for patient’s documentation prior to their arrival for appointment. You can add all necessary documents along with the form for the patient to sign electronically.

  • Medical history interview when requested

Get your patients interviewed about their medical history from experienced professionals or we can get answers to your set of questions.

  • HIPAA compliant and secure

The Patient Intake system meets all the standards and guidelines set forth by HIPAA.

Our expert team will handle all the tedious tasks that are involved in the registration process and make it smooth for you and your patients. Through optimized services, we assure delivery of an excellent experience to healthcare professionals across all health-related domains.

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