Data entry services

Data entry services delivered on time and on budget with the highest levels of security and accuracy since 1997.

Every transformation of a data set runs the risk of corruption, but business processes need consistent layouts and data catalogs. Don’t take the risk of an OCR error being “corrected” into what looks correct. Instead look for a partner who will work with you to understand how you will use the data and your security and accuracy needs.

Outsourcing data entry services

Outsourcing IT services with viable logistics support for Data Entry and Case Management, Telegenisys excels in business process outsourcing of data entry services. Our formula for a successful project includes a careful weaving of process management support and complete physical and electronic data security. Our data entry services have been deployed across a variety of fields including medical case management, document management, data reduction from graphic sources, GIS data mapping as well as support management functions. All Telegenisys data entry products are conducted in a very efficient and transparent manner, providing the best service for our clients.

Process management support

Telegenisys prides itself in creating process descriptions which give origin or further refine the service level components into an SLA (Service Level Agreement.) SLA components, along with current process documentation, are consolidated into a service delivery strategy. For each SLA, an automated or audited “performance metric” is created to ensure a transparent and easy-to-manage process for each of our clients.

Physical and electronic data security

Telegenisys has worked hard to achieve compliance with one of the most stringent standards in data security—HIPAA (Health Information Portability Act.) HIPAA compliance was confirmed through an independent audit, which verified that Telegenisys provides adequate administrative, physical, and technological security for all of its data. Telegenisys is also listed in the UK Data Controller registration.

Client systems integration

Telegenisys supports data entry needs using multiple 2 MB E1 links in a redundant architecture. A high grade Virtual Private Network (VPN) is often used to implement proper security measures. On other cases, customized security layer support with tunneling options are used to engage the client systems directly.

Large deployed solutions

HIPAA compliant case data input

For the last six years, Telegenisys has worked closely with a company that updates customer contact information for major insurance carriers. Telegenisys provides this client medical data entry services including system updates, research and compliance reporting to meet highly specialized product that this field demands. During our time with this client, we have routinely processed thousands of similar requests each month.

HIPAA compliant medical record retrieval services

Telegenisys has provided data entry services to a medical records retrieval company for the past three years by making calls and updating case data for medical record requests. Telegenisys expedites recovery of medical records for the client while updating users and clients regarding the status of a particular case. Thousands of cases are processed by our team on a daily basis.

Performance metrics

Another client of Telegenisys requires analysis of GIS data to map highways, roads and ramps on their systems using detailed imagery for utmost accuracy. The data that is provided to the client is then used to create the basis for traffic modelling. Data entry services experts & analysts at Telegenisys provide timely and accurate overlays on maps that be used to ensure model compliance with imagery.

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Caleb K- Director of marketing & technology, real estate company

I am the director of Marketing and Technology for Hoag Real Estate in Portland Oregon. Recently we underwent a major move, during which we had to migrate several large business process from one software to another. We hired Telegenisys to assist us with several of the data entry/migration aspects of this process. They went above and beyond to assist us with the process, as well as coming in with a very reasonable quote for the services we required. We will definitely be using Mega Interactive/Telegenisys again!

Ken L - Enterprise Marketing Manager , Software & Services Company

Telegenisys delivers valuable and actionable information time after time. Their approach to support is steadfast around being consistent, accurate, responsive to needs and timely. I am completely satisfied with our relationship with Telegenisys and what they bring to the table. Telegenisys has proven to be an invaluable resource to our Office of the CEO, Research, Sales and Marketing organizations.

Ivan H - Owner, Education Services Company

I recommend without hesitation that you consider Telegenisys for any of your communication or marketing needs. Telegenisys, has been simply superb in his communication and execution of our telemarketing plan. Indeed, I often remark to business associates how Telegenisys is usually several steps ahead of my own planning and is helping to grow our business, so to speak.


Highly regarded, TOP rated

Our clients are delighted because we count our success one project at a time. Each task is vitally important to us and we do meticulous precision work.

Commitment to security

Each year Telegenisys undergoes a third-party audit of its security procedures. Our clients expect zero defects delivered using mature management processes. For decades we have delivered consistent durable results.

Commitment to quality

Each year Telegenisys undergoes a third-party audit of its quality control procedures. Our clients expect zero defects delivered using mature management processes. For decades we have delivered consistent durable results. And as for finding a reputable overseas firm with whom to have that relationship, in my opinion, there is no reason to look farther than Telegenisys. You’ve already found – if not the best – then certainly one of the best!

Commitment to privacy

Each year Telegenisys undergoes a third-party audit of its HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that was passed by Congress in 1996) procedures. For over a decade we have worked on protected health information without incident.


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