Outsourced telemarketing services

B2B Telemarketing Services and Outsourcing in USA

Outsourced telemarketing services for small businesses.

Large companies around the globe make use of outsourced telemarketing services , yet many fail to utilize their teams to the fullest extent possible. Many of these teams suffer from a low yield, high maintenance setup that prevents the present telemarketing activities from reaching their full potential. Telegenisys has been perfecting their telemarketing approach for over twenty years. The thorough and systematic method that is implemented in their work produce consistent, predictable results for each of their clients. Telegenisys outsourced telemarketing services are implemented in a manner to afford the same level of focus and precision to each and every product.

The key steps woven into each outsourced telemarketing services campaign:

  • A clear and complete understanding of the product. Telegenisys not only studies what a company says about its product, but also understands its reputation within a market through careful and thorough research.
  • Precise comparative studies of competitors’ products so that questions relating to the product in context of what the competitors are push as their message can be quickly and competently answered.
  • The basis of the sales pitch developed from product attributes that are collected and organized into the final strategy. Both the strengths and weaknesses of the product are managed so that both are fully addressed in the call script.
  • The critical step in the process is targeting the audience. The market is searched for sources from which buyer profiles can be developed that meet the requirements of a favorable audience for a particular campaign. Each source of calling data is evaluated for production percentages by delivery. This data allows us to tell which sources are performing well and should be invested in further.
  • The development of script development and rebuttals is often considered to be the most fundamental process in outsourced telemarketing services. Telegenisys painstakingly develops dozens of script variations and tests them for effectiveness. The testing process is unique, creating checkpoints in ten to twenty second increments, measuring how the contact responds to the call. Scripts often continue to form—based on lead responsiveness—for the first few weeks of a campaign.
  • The process description is meant to establish credibility as a responsible partner in outsourced telemarketing services. Telegenisys ensures these steps are completed on every campaign before beginning additional projects.

Telegenisys’ core competencies in outsourced telemarketing services

  • Phone Services/ Long Distance/ TV/ Integrated Services Telegenisys has sold over 45,000 residential accounts per year for several large companies
  • Satellite TV/ Satellite Internet Telegenisys has developed mature telemarketing services campaigns that continue to yield consistent results in these segments
  • Insurance/ Home Improvements/ Cleaning Services/ Janitorial We have developed complex scripts and integrated with third party calendars to deploy campaigns that consistently yield appointments. Telegenisys prides itself in being an especially efficient appointment scheduler.
  • Car Dealerships/ Corporate Sales Telegenisys has developed an effective invitation confirmation and deal appointment setting campaign for car dealerships.

These are only a few examples of telemarketing services areas where Telegenisys has shown a command of during their twenty year history. Contact Telegenisys about getting results for your company.

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